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This Week In World: Venezuela, Shutdown, and More


U.S. Cuts Off Aid To Venezuela

The United States plans to cut Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro’s money streams. This comes just one day after Maduro cut diplomatic ties with the U.S. He cut the ties because the U.S. recognized Juan Guaidó as the interim president of Venezuela. People are continuing to try to compound pressure on Maduro as the international community remains divided in its support of him.

However, Russia condemned foreign powers for backing Guaidó, saying the move violated international law. They also claimed that the move is a”direct path to bloodshed”. As a response, President Trump said that “all options are on the table.”

U.S. Government Shutdown Continues

The U.S. government shutdown entered its 5th week as the Senate rejected two more bills. The shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, came as President Trumps’s response to rejected funding for the border wall. Both bills brought on the floor failed, the Republican 50-47 and the Democratic 52-44.

Meanwhile, more than 800,000 government workers went without a paycheck again last Friday. In addition, the shutdown negatively impacted Trump’s approval rating. Only 34% of Americans in the survey supported Trump, down from 42% a month earlier. However, his approval among Republican voters was close to 80%.

Brazil’s First Gay Congressman Resigns

Jean Wyllys said on Thursday he will not serve the next term he was re-elected to due to death threats. As Brazil’s first openly gay congressman, he now plans to live abroad. However, his seat will go to another openly gay politician. Councilman David Miranda, who is the husband of Pulitzer Prize-winning U.S. journalist Glenn Greenwald, will take the seat.

Wyllys said people made him the target of constant death threats as well as many campaigns on social media. People also pushed him in the street even with bodyguards. He said he was tired of living  with them, and will not return to Brazil from his recent travels in Europe.

Greek Police Fire Teargas At Protesters

Greek police fired teargas to disperse crowds gathered outside parliament on Thursday. They were there to protest against a deal over the name of neighboring Macedonia, as Parliament’s debate spilled into a third day. Several thousand people were outside the building. They expect to complete the deal on Friday.

Theresa May Advised To Extend Brexit Deal By Three Months

Unite union boss Len McCluskey advised British Prime Minister Theresa May to extend Article 50 by three months if she wants to get Brexit to pass.  “In my opinion, Article 50 would need to be extended probably by around three months,” he said. He also said a nine-month extension was too long.