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This Week In Sports: Goldschmidt, Gymnastics, and More


Cardinal’s Trade For Goldschmidt

The St Louis Cardinals has taken steps to get back into the game by trading for the Arizona Diamondback‘s Paul Goldschmidt. The 6 time All-Star slugger/first baseman hit a .290 average with 33 home runs and 81 RBI last season. In return, Arizona got pitcher Luke Weaver, catcher Carson Kelly, minor league infielder Andy Young, and a compensation draft pick.

This serves as a big blow to the Diamondbacks. They lose their star slugger to the Cardinals while gaining three players that haven’t shown much promise so far. Goldschmidt also has an impressive defensive record, winning three Golden Gloves.

USA Gymnastics Files For Bankruptcy

Following the Larry Nassar scandal, USA Gymnastics has filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company explained the move is an effort to quicken the processing of the lawsuits brought on by Nassar. They stated that it isn’t an attempt for liquidation, but rather for reorganizing the way the company is run.

In addition to filing for bankruptcy, they also have to pay around $75M to $150M in restitution to Nassar’s victims. Nassar, who pled guilty to criminal sexual conduct, faces 175 years in prison as well as a 40 year sentence for possession of child pornography.

Steelers Fan Chokes Chargers Fan At Game

A Steelers fan choked a pregnant Chargers fan during last Sunday’s game in Pennsylvania. The video depicting the act quickly went viral after the event occured. In the video, a pregnant woman wearing a Charger’s jersey steps in the middle of an altercation when a man in a Steeler’s jersey is seen grabbing at her throat.

The woman’s husband has said he plans to press chargers against the unidentified man. In response, the Steeler’s released a statement saying they make the safety of their guests an utmost priority and are making efforts to prevent more brawls to occur in the future.

Hassan Whiteside Walks Off Court

After being benched on Tuesday night’s game, Miami Heat’s center Hassan Whiteside walked out of the game during the fourth quarter. After his team’s home loss to the Orlando Magic, he left the court and entered his locker room.

The Heat has lost 9 of their last 13 games, and Whiteside has been benched during the fourth quarter for the last 5 games. During last night’s game, he scored 12 points and had 9 rebounds. He didn’t speak to reporters after he had left the game last night.

NHL Expands West

The NHL has added another team to increase their west coast presence. Their 32nd team will be housed in Seattle and will compete in the 2021-2022 season. With an expansion fee of $650M, it is the most expensive expansion in the history of the league.

The team, which has yet to be named, will play in Seattle Center Arena. This is the league’s second expansion in three years, and leads to an even higher fanbase to the growing interest in the sport.