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This Week In Tech: NBCUniversal, Facebook, and More


NBCUniversal To Launch Streaming Service

Comcast’s NBCUniversal recently announced a streaming media service. It is currently scheduled to launch in early 2020 with a price that seeks to appease traditional cable services. However, it also competes with a market dominated by Netflix and Amazon.

Currently, it will be available no cost to NBCUniversal’s TV subscribers in the United States, with plans to expand across the globe. An ad-free version of the platform costs roughly the same amount as premium ad-free versions of their competitors. Right now, NBCUniversal plans to gain $5 per user, on 3-5 minutes of commercials per hour. In addition, they plan to continue licensing content to other streaming services, while retaining rights to certain titles for its new service.

Facebook Employ’s UK Fact Checkers

In an attempt to combat the recent increase of fake news, Facebook hired a UK based fact-checking service. This service, which runs as a charity created in 2010, will review media across the site. Currently, they will focus on misinformation that could damage people’s health or safety as well as damage democratic processes.

The company explained that only actual fact presenting posts will be examined. This excludes obvious satirical or parody posts. It also exempts opinions disguised as facts. The charity said it would target “everything from dangerous cancer ‘cures’ to false stories spreading after terrorist attacks, to fake content about voting processes ahead of elections.”

Massachusetts Man Imprisoned For Cyberattack

A Massachusetts man was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for carrying out a cyberattack on a hospital on Thursday. He did this to protest the treatment of a teenager in a high-profile custody dispute. The court found Martin Gottesfeld, 34, guilty of two counts, including conspiracy to damage protected computers.

In addition, Gottesfeld must pay almost $500,000 in restitution for the cyberattacks. Reports say that he launched a direct denial of service, also known as a DDOS, on the hospital over his belief of a wrong diagnosis of a teenage girl. The attacks stopped hospital operations for almost two weeks.

Vehicle Display Screens Grow In Size

Electric car startup Byton showed off a 48-inch screen display for their new car model. However, Byton’s vehicle will not be built until later this year. Its super-sized display shows an undeniable trend in the car world.

“The screens are the window to the digital world,” said Gorden Wagener, chief design officer for Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz’s parent. “Screens are the new horsepower.” The 2019 Mercedes EQC crossover includes two 10.25-inch displays.

AMD Shows Off Next-Gen Chip

AMD unveiled its next generation smaller and power-efficient computer chip and a graphics processor on Wednesday. The chip aims at bigger rivals Intel Corp and Nvidia Corp. Currently, the chip will launch in the middle of the year in order to compete with Intel’s processor.

In addition, AMD will release their Radeon VII chips with Nvidia’s gaming chips on February 7th. All of their current chips are based off of AMD’s partners’ new 7nm manufacturing technology. This tech puts more transistors on smaller chips as well as increasing performance without sacrificing battery power.