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This Week In Technology: Bitcoin, Wifi, and More.

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Bitcoin Prices Plummet

Following expectations, the price of bitcoin has fallen significantly. This winter saw the cryptocurrency fall almost 80% from last December, from a staggering $20,000 USD to today’s current price, around $3,600 USD. Analysts say the price is still falling.

Started in 2010, bitcoin rose extremely fast for such a new form of currency. Starting at a fraction of a penny, those that invested in the currency since the beginning have made millions. After December’s major price jump, the currency keeps a 400% increase from two years prior, but still lost a lot of value from its all-time high.

Faster Wi-Fi May Be Coming

The FCC has proposed to allow for more Wifi frequencies that can be used by consumers. Today, as it stands, Wifi usually only runs on two frequencies; either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. The FCC proposed allowing routers to access the 6 GHz frequency, which currently is blocked off.

The new frequency is in use for Earth-to-space communication and data transfer, but never before in a commercial setting. This change benefits everyone, as those crowded coffee shops can finally let you run that laptop without silently cursing at everyone who is there.

Samsung Unveils New Folding Phone

Earlier this month, Samsung shocked the world with a new reveal: They’ve been working on folding smartphones. Pretty soon the thin metal supercomputer everyone has in their pockets  will fold into a new device.

The device has two screens, one as a information screen on the front of the phone, and the actual screen that will be used for the normal smartphone operations. The phone wont be available for consumer use for a long time and it will be one of the most expensive phones ever released, with Samsung ballparking it at almost $1,700 USD. For comparison, an iPad Pro costs almost the same when you have all the high tier options.

Logitech Backs Out Of Buyout

This week a Logitech spokesperson revealed that the company backed out of the acquisition of Plantronics. This move, speculated to be caused by a stock drop of 20%, prevents Logitech from gaining even more share in the audio market. Both Logitech and California-based Plantronics refused to comment more on the situation.

Facebook Shares Drop Heavily

Facebook’s investors are pushing heavily for Mark Zuckerberg to step down as chairman of the board. With the recent drop of almost 40% since July’s high, the news of data sharing continue to hurt the company’s performance.

Separating the CEO from the chairman could prove beneficial for the company, as investors complained Zuckerberg’s extent of control over the dealings. Shareholders will be able to vote in 2019 to decide if he should stay or if a new face should be brought in.

The outcome of the vote will change how the company is run. Currently, Facebook’s setup prevents the board from independence from the company as it runs. If they vote a new person in, it would allow for the board to finally be able to run correctly. This decision would set the company on the path to recovery.