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This Week In Tech: Space Odyssey, Tumblr, and More

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Space Odyssey Makes History

The classic 2001: A Space Odyssey helped make history as the first program to be aired on a 8K television channel. A Japanese broadcaster named NHK asked Warner Bros to scan the negatives of the film into the new definition. This new definition is 16 times stronger than the current HDTV. However, few people have the necessary equipment needed to broadcast at such a high resolution.

NHK has stated that this has been in development since 1995. Along with the increased resolution, it includes the option for 24 channels of audio for better immersion. Currently, an 8K TV set runs at about $15,000 dollars, but estimates suggest that more widespread use will start sometime in 2019.

Tumblr Will Ban All Adult Content

The social networking site Tumblr announced their plans to ban all adult content on the site. This decision comes just weeks after their app was pulled from the App Store for accidentally having child pornography slip through their filters. The new community guideline changes state that users cannot upload any pornography. However, nudity meant to be taken as art is fine in certain cases.

The site has been known for allowing adult content to be posted. This new change removes a lot of traffic from the site, as the amount of NSFW accounts created on the site is a substantial number. The change will be enforced on December 17th, 2018.

5G Smartphones Are Coming

Verizon and Samsung announced earlier today that they would release the first 5G smartphones in the first half of 2019. The first prototype will be unveiled this week in Hawaii. Analysts say that widespread use of the network would not be found until the middle of the next decade.

Apple’s first 5G device won’t be revealed until 2020. The new network, which runs at speeds 50 to 100 times faster than 4G, could steal Apple’s customers as they wait for the company to release their phone.

Nvidia Creates First Game Out Of AI Generated Graphics

Graphic card designer Nvidia recently made leaps in technology by creating a video game demo out of AI generated graphics. The demo, a driving simulator consisting of just a few city blocks, is powered by a single GPU. However, the computation needed to generate everything limits the game at 25FPS.

This new development boosts the already impressive reputation of Nvidia. It also shows the power of AI and the new interest in the field. This new graphics system could one day be used in all forms of media.

Marriott Hotel’s Hacked

A recent hack of Marriott International’s Starwood Division customer database hit nearly 500 million customer accounts. An international investigation revealed that the database had been compromised since early 2014. The company released a statement saying their would notify all accounts that had been compromised, and that they “deeply regret this incident happened.”