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This Week In World: Cuba, Israel, and More


Seven Dead In Cuba After Bus Crash

A bus crash in western Cuba left 7 dead and many injured. The crash, which included four foreigners, occurred after the bus hit wet road. In addition to the 7 killed, the accident injured 33 other patients. Included in the 33 were citizens from the UK, the US, Canada, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

Out of all 40 passengers on the bus, 22 were foreigners. The bus was travelling to Cuba’s capital Havana from Baracoa. Currently, 5 of the injured are in critical condition. However, traffic accidents such as this are common, because many roads in Cuba are badly-lit and poorly maintained.

Syria Claims Israel Launched Missles At Damascus

The Syrian state news agency claimed that Israeli warplanes launched missiles towards Damascus. This triggered a Syrian air defense that shot down most of the missiles. The attack occurred shortly before midnight. In addition, the news agency captured video of bright lights, calling them the air defenses. Explosions were in some of the videos.

This is another attack on Syria by Israel. It follows an attack on December 25th, where an Israeli missile killed 3 Syrian soldiers. In addition, Israel has carried out over 200 attacks in the last two years.

U.S. Man Detained After Girl Is Found Three Months After Parent’s Murder

U.S. police detained Jake Thomas Patterson over the deaths of a US couple he killed because he wanted to kidnap their teenage daughter. This comes a day after the girl approached a stranger saying he abducted her in October and held against her will. Patterson was taken into custody shortly after.

13-year-old Jayme Closs disappeared from her family home. Patterson killed her parents the same day on October 15. Investigators believe Patterson killed Jayme’s parents because he wanted to abduct her. In addition, Patterson also “planned his actions and took many steps to hide his identity”.

Venezuela Opposition Plans Incentives

Venezuela’s opposition-led congress is considering offering legal incentives to military officers who disavow President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro was sworn in Thursday after a rocky 2018 election. This triggered much international criticism that his leadership of the country is illegitimate.

Currently, the proposal seeks to ensure that defectors from the armed forces would not be persecuted if they abandon Maduro. It applies to the officers that “do not obey the orders of the man who has usurped the Presidency of the Republic … and collaborate with the tradition and re-establishment of constitutional order.”

U.S. Government Shutdown Causes Workers To Miss Payday

Hundreds of thousands of US government workers missed their first payday of the year because of the partial shutdown of federal agencies. These employees such as prison guards, airport staff and FBI agents. The government shutdown, which began last month, will become the longest in history on Saturday on its 22nd day.

President Donald Trump refuses to approve a federal budget unless it includes funding for the border wall. However, Democrats rejected his request for $5.7bn. Because of this, around a quarter of the federal government is out of operation until a spending plan is agreed upon. This leaves 800,000 employees unpaid.