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This Week In World: Germany, The Vatican, and More


Germany Politicians Targeted In Data Attacks

Recent data breaches in Germany targeted a number of their politicians. The attacks included chancellor Angela Merkel. They released personal data of any politician not aligned with the far-right AfD on Twitter. In addition, the attacks targeted the data of celebrities and journalists. It it unknown who is behind the attack.

However, a government spokeswoman said the breach contained no sensitive data. Also, Germany’s BSI said the breach didn’t affect their systems. Most of the data stolen dated back to before October 2018. Twitter has suspended the account in question.

Argentine Bishop Under Investigation

An Argentine bishop in the Vatican’s financial office is under investigation for alleged sexual abuse. The bishop, named Gustavo Zanchetta, works in the department APSA, which is a general accounting and human resource office. He is from Oran, Argentina, and the abuse allegations did not follow him Oran.

“The accusations of sexual abuse surfaced this past autumn,” said Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gissoti. Because of this, Zanchetta is under preliminary investigation and will abstain from work. The accusing clergy members claimed that the abuse took place in St. John XXIII seminary, founded by Zanchetta in Oran in 2016.

Ex-Marine Detained In Russia

Russian police detained a ex-US marine for allegations of espionage. Paul Whelan, the marine in question, faces up to 20 years. He currently works as head of global security for a Michigan based car manufacturer.

However, Whelan’s lawyer declined to comment on the charges. He said that under the terms of the arrest order, Whelan was expected to remain in custody in Moscow until at least 28 February. Currently, he is being held in the Lefortovo detention facility, which is known for being a KGB prison.

Palestine TV Offices In Gaza Ransacked

Five men broke into the Gaza offices of President Mahmoud Abbas’s official Palestine Television station. They destroyed around $150,000 worth of equipment. Because of the severity of the attacks, station officials blamed the group Hamas.

“Hamas is deeply involved in this conspiracy,” said Ahmed Assaf, chairman of the Palestininan Broadcast Corporation. In addition, many journalists and political factions condemned the attack. The TV station was able to continue broadcasting later that day.

Four Tourists Proclaimed Dead In Avalanche

An avalanche in Norway killed three Finnish and one Swedish tourists. The avalanche in question, which occurred Wednesday, hit the tourists while skiing. “Now that we have confirmed their positions, we believe it is no longer probable that any of the four have survived,” Troms Police Chief Astrid Elisabeth Nilsen told a news conference.