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This Week In World: Syria, Egypt, and More


Syrian Army Enters Manbij

For the first time in six years, the Syrian army entered the key city of Manbij. Located in northern Syria, the city would allow Turkey to increase their already big buffer zone. The US-backed Kurds withdrew and allowed Syrian forces to take the city. This is amid fears that Turkish forces would attack the city.

This is because Turkey considers the US-backed Kurdish YPG forces to belong to a terrorist group. In addition, The Kurds’ request to the Syrian government followed President Trumps decision to pull all troops from Syria.

Two Dead In Egypt Bus Bombing

Two Vietnamese tourists were killed and 14 others were injured in a bus bombing near Cairo on Friday. A roadside bomb hit the bus, injuring the passengers, who were heading towards the pyramids in the region. 14 tourists and two Egyptians were on board.

No one claimed responsibility yet. Nonetheless, the Egyptian prime minister said security forces are investigating. This comes as Egypt is trying to repair their public image and lure tourists back to their country.

Trump Demands The Wall

In a new tirade against Democrats, President Trump said, “We build a Wall or close the Southern Border.” In a rant on Twitter, he blamed Mexico and NAFTA for costing the US $75Bn dollars every year, as well as calling the Democratic opposition to the wall completely political.

He also said he would cut aid to Central America as another caravan to the US began to form. Currently, part of the federal government is shut down in Washington. This will last until next week, as Trump is negotiating with the Democrats for funding for the wall.

Germany Approves Tunnel To Denmark

German authorities approved the $8Bn rail and tunnel to Denmark. This comes despite the environmental objections. The 11.8 mile long tunnel will link the German island of Fehmarn to the Danish island of Lolland. It will consist of a 4 lane motorway and a 2 lane railway.

The project was originally slated for completion in 2024. First proposed in 2013, it went through two rounds of public consultation before finally being approved this week. It features connections to and from the German cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover; the Danish capital, Copenhagen; and the Swedish city of Malmo.

Bangladesh Slows Internet Speeds

In preparation for their upcoming election, the Bangladeshi goverment ordered the shutdown of high speed internet services. People using the internet on their phones cannot stream or upload pictures or videos. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission issued the order late Thursday.