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This Week In World: Trump, Mexico, and More


Trump Pushes Wall Spending

US President Trump told reporters last week he would be “proud” to shut down the government over border security funding and his wall. The President, currently seeking $5Bn for the project, refused to sign a short-term spending bill drafted in Congress. The bill, intended to fund the government until February 8th, gave no aid to his costs for the wall.

Republicans intend to add $5Bn to the budget for the wall. Democrats, however, said they will not give in to Trump’s demands. The Senate must reach an agreement by Friday. Otherwise, the funding for 7 separate government departments will laspe.

US Migrants Forced To Wait In Mexico

In a new move by the Trump administration concerning border patrol, all migrants seeking asylum in the US must wait in Mexican border towns. After less effective actions, this new aggressive move is an attempt to further reshape immigration policy in the US. The announcement came out two days after the US pledged around $11Bn in aid to Central America and Mexico.

However, critics said the U.S. was illegally abandoning its humanitarian role. They also said that the migrants are unsafe in the Mexican border towns.

Drones Close British Airport

A large number of drones sent to Britain’s second biggest airport caused all flights to be cancelled Thursday. In response, Britain ordered troops to the airport. Police say there was no indication of a terrorist motive. After they first appeared on Wednesday night, police have been hunting the operators.

Reports say that the airport will remain closed until Friday morning. It leaves around 120,000 people stranded waiting for a flight. Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman said the act was “irresponsible and completely unacceptable.”

Argentinian President Faces Trial

Former Argentina President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is going on trial for corruption. Prosecutors accused her of accepting millions of dollars in bribes over 12 years. She denied any wrongdoing and claims the charges are politically motivated. In addition to the trial, police raided three of her homes for evidence.

Kirchner is protected from imprisonment, but not persecution. Sources say she gained the money from construction bosses. Officials totaled the money to around $160M.

Flight Attendant Awarded $18,000 In Settlement

Korean Air was ordered to pay a Korean flight attendant $18,000 after he served an executive macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a bowl. The executive assaulted the attendant for the nuts, and served 5 months in prison for violating aviation laws. The event, which took place in 2014, prompted much public outrage.

The attendant filed for a civil suit, asking for a total of $354M. The Seoul Western District Court ordered that Korean Air pay him the $18K won for attempting to force him to drop the case. He is also entitled to another $27,000 as compensation for the incident.