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Tips to Choose the Best College for Studying Fashion Photography Courses

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“When you think of fashion photography, it’s a dream. It’s like we all want to be those women. We want to wear those dresses.” These words of Stella McCartney remind us of the golden statement uttered by Coco Chanel that “fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.” The skilled individual that stands on the other side of the lens and spins up compelling stories with their photographic equipment holds the power to mould perception. Without a good story, a photograph is bland and passive — a persuasive narrative gives the image depth, significance and life. Good stories are what have made fashion photography exceptional career choices for aspiring photographers.

With the increasing interest in fashion photography, professional courses with hands-on training are being provided by some of the best fashion photography colleges in India. Here’s a guide to determine the best college for studying fashion photography course.


Enrolling in a professional course relevant to the fashion industry

A significant number of colleges across the country are providing photography courses, but the attention on fashion photography can then be limited. It becomes crucial to then choose a course focusing entirely on fashion photography to get the desired technical skills of photography which allows the exploration of several image-making tools for commercial and editorial fashion photography.

Amongst the best fashion photography colleges in India is Pearl Academy, which offers a one-year fashion photography course in four campuses across the country. The academy ensures a 360-degree fashion photography learning experience provided by international award-winning photographers and Canon photo mentors at world-class professional photo studios.


Course offerings and duration 

Another important thing to keep in mind while choosing a fashion photography course is to make sure that the program offers the best training that there is. Professional schooling about cameras, lenses, fashion lighting, and digital darkroom for visual communication practices are must-haves in terms of the college being chosen.

If one is opting for a professional fashion photography course, a clock must be ticking on their career as well. A college may offer a course that meets all candidate interests, but the duration of the course might be too long and tedious. It is vital to find a college which is best-suited for the career needs of an aspirant.


The opportunity of interning with high-end productions

Fashion photography is as much about networking as it is about flair and technique. Pursuing a professional course from the best fashion photography colleges in India means opening oneself to several internship opportunities as part of the program, which enables students to develop relationships with potential future employers.

Pearl Academy, for instance, offers students the opportunity of working in teams with fashion stylists, makeup artists, model agencies, and fashion communicators. Students can participate in one of the largest fashion events in India – The India Fashion week – as fashion shoot interns.


Good placement opportunities

The fashion photography industry has witnessed significant growth in the last decade, and the scope of work it presents to graduates of fashion photography courses is immense. It is crucial to be aware of the college one is planning to enrol themselves into provides good placement opportunities. 

Students of fashion photography courses are well-learned in model and client management, lighting, styling, hair and makeup, and digital retouching. This makes them ready to face the demands and challenges of pursuing a career as a fashion photographer. 


A fashion photographer not only tells a story through their photographs but also stirs up a conversation, an idea of how the world can be. With so many photography colleges to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the options. But going over every point and deciding which one is the best is vital to establishing a firm footing in the industry.