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Top 5 Airport Parking Packages to Make Your Travels Easier


Airport parking. Just another one of those boring things you have to consider when it comes to jetting off, when really you’d rather be getting excited about amazing sights, holiday wardrobe shopping and all the great food you’re going to eat. Along with whether your passport is in date and travel insurance, parking isn’t exactly enthralling. But with our breakdown of all the options at your disposal, we can at least help you make the easy choice.


Airport parking organised by the airport itself is split into two categories: short and long stay. The one you go for depends on the duration of which you’d like to park your car whilst you’re away. Short Stay parking is up to 3 days and spaces are a short walking distance from the airport terminal. For travel of up to 15 days, you can opt for Long Stay parking. Onsite airport parking for Long Stay customers can mean a further distance from your car to the terminal, using the further expanses of the airport to store your car safely away. Park and Ride services are available to you and your heavy luggage, dropping you straight at the door of your terminal.


These Park and Ride services are also available at private offsite companies. By booking through a private company, you may find the rates to be cheaper, but offering a similar space to Long Stay parking options at the airport itself. Placed in the surrounding areas of the airport, park up and hop on a mini bus to shuttle you to and from the airport. Rest assured your vehicle is in safe hands whilst you’re away and avoid having to work out awkward travel arrangements for pick up by sliding behind the wheel almost as soon as you land.


Offered by the airport, Premium Parking gives all the perks of Long Stay parking but without the unpleasant trek juggling your luggage or relying on shuttle buses to get you on time for check-in and bag drop off. With sites like Parking at Airports, you can find all prices and options in one place to more easily compare. For an extra expense, Premium Parking gives you a spot right by the terminal. Enjoy a more stress-free approach to the beginning of your holiday experience by strolling straight from your car into the airport. Not to mention the ease on your way home, too.

Meet and Greet

This one might seem a little luxurious but Meet and Greet is the ultimate way to relax right before you jet off. Drive straight up to the doors of the terminal, unload your luggage and pass your keys over with this valet service. They’ll park your car for you and it’ll be right there waiting for you when you land back on home turf too. It’s quite literally that simple.

Hotel Package

Ideal for those unsociable flights taking off in the early hours of the morning. Find the best value for money with your airport parking and book your hotel stay at the same time. Park up, get some much-needed shut eye before your exciting flight and have a shuttle bus take you the short distance to the airport. Many hotels are situated nearby to airport grounds, if not within the grounds itself, so the distance is only a few short minutes. Rather than waking up early to drive from home to the airport and getting tense navigating the sometimes complicated airport parking signs, get to where you need to be by booking your hotel stay.

When it comes to airport parking, find the option that suits you. For someone on a business trip, the hotel and flight package works in their favour for being prepared for a working day. Travelling with children? The perks of Premium Parking may work in your favour to avoid the stresses of getting your kids from A to B on time. Whatever you need out of your parking, there’s an option to suit your budget, accessibility and reason for travel.