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Top 5 Festivals That Are Celebrated On a Grand Scale in India


Indian festivals are full of colors, culture, food and yes, most importantly the togetherness that they spread across the different states. Though celebrated differences, all these festivals strike the happy chord in each of the citizen’s heart. Indian culture is showcased in the best possible way through these festivals that are celebrated in India.

The festivals are evenly distributed throughout the year but, at peak time is seen during the month of October and January. Most, of the grand festival celebration can be witnessed in case tourists plan to visit India around these months.

1. Diwali

The festival of lights, decorates every home in its glowing festivity. It is celebrated for at least 5 days to remember the victory of good over evil. With a history of Lord Ram returning to Ayodhya with his wife Sita on this day after his victory over King Ravan and rescuing Sita, Diwali sees a lot of glitz and show. Houses get decorated with dazzling diyas while sky celebrates the day with massive fireworks. Beautifully decorated balconies, porch, patio and entrance welcome goodness and well being while celebrating the day with family and relatives. Diwali comes in the month of October and November each year and people shares festive wishes over sweets and gifts.


2. Holi

This festival goes around with another history of good over evil. Prahalad is defeating Holika while signifying the arrival of spring. The festive day is marked by throwing coloured powder and water over each other. A scene not to miss out on, Holi is celebrated on a major scale in Vrindavan and a lot of tourists get attracted every year to witness this festive day. Holi parties and water dance are major attractions and gathers large groups for celebrating each year. People enjoy on the eve of holi while lighting Holika bonfire and singing around it. The famous drink, bhang that is made of the cannabis plant is the highlight of this celebration. this one of the greatest events that Indians celebrate across and can be participated in if one does like dirt and drenching in water.


3. Christmas

A winter celebration, Christmas sees a lot of red, green, golden and white. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees at homes, and mass gathering and candle lighting in the Churches with happy carols make this celebration worth waiting for. Wreaths on the doors and plum cake that are homemade have become associated largely with this celebration.

Christmas Wishes and Greetings. 

Christmas in India

4. Gurupurab

One of the most important festivals for Sikhs, this one enlightens people with the lives and teaching of the Gurus. Langars, community meals are often hosted in Gurdwaras and the festival is celebrated as a reminiscence of the anniversaries of the ten Sikh Gurus. Hymns and chanting are held in many cities Karah Prasad is distributed to the participants.

Gurupurab India

5. Eid- Ul- Fitr

Celebrated over a period of three days, this is one of the major Muslim festivals. People dress up in fine clothing and attend the special community prayer called Namaz in the morning and after that go and visit their relatives and friends to exchange wishes over sweets and gifts. Termed as Idi by the elders, younger one are often given money.


Apart from these main festivals, India sees a lot of regional festivals that includes Onam, Pongal, Raksha Bandhan, Baisakhi all of which has its own significance and get a lot of happiness and togetherness. Tourists coming around the peak months should make sure to celebrate some of these festivals to live the Indian culture.