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Top 5 holiday destinations in Europe


Holidays are the best moments in life that needs to be spent in the most appropriate and interesting way. When you are planning to visit Europe, there are numerous places that must be included in your visiting schedule. Europe has amazing and attractive features that will leave you breathless.  You don’t want to miss out on few details that will make your holiday interesting and memorable for years to come. Whether you are going for the holiday as a family, a couple or with a group of friends, here are the top 5 holiday destinations.

Malta Island

Immediately you step in Europe, Malta Island should be the first place you think of visiting. Malta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea at the south of the Italy and Sicily Island.  Apart from lavishing hotels and wonderful community setting on the land, you can also enjoy scuba diving in Malta.  Some of the hotels around are located at the foot of the Island and therefore, making them good diving spots. Diving in Malta ensures that your holiday is memorable and worth the trip. The activity also exposes you to a new experience. In a number of hotels, they will provide you with diving kits and a trainer to ensure you dive safely like a pro.

Charles Bridge

This is one of the most historical Bridges in the world. This bridge connects two major towns the Lesser (Mala Strana) and the Old Town. It has survived numerous floods since its foundation in past centuries. It was built in 1357 and it still stands strong.  The bridge has two towers from each end, which can be climbed for a pleasant top view of the bridge and the entire Prague city. This is the top holiday attraction in Europe with thousands of visitors.

Exclusive Cruises –Tours

You just can’t get to Europe and leave without going cruising. Missing out on the various cruises is a taboo for the holiday. If you love cruising or you would wish to watch people cruising, exclusive cruises tours are the place to visit. Make your trip worth the price. Do something that will trigger you to visit again for the next holidays.

Louvre Museum

The setting of the building itself will amaze you. Apart from learning about the history of the continent, you will enjoy relaxing and observing the water fountains. This is another top visited place in Europe. The Museum connects the world with its numerous activities every holiday.  Here you will also get to know and learn different community cultures.

The Island of Gozo

Another amazing spot for diving, cruising, and boating that will ensure you and your visiting team have fun is Gozo. Engaging in all the listed activities is the best way to take advantage of the island. The Gozo Island has attractive features that will add value to your trip. You don’t need to get home and wish you visited this place.

There are lots of to-do list when you are planning for your holiday destination in Europe. Ensure you make accurate calculations with a clear list of what to do and where to visit. This way, you will make your holiday trip to and from without straining your budget. However, as you plan to visit, ensure you treat yourself the best way you know how. Take advantage of the amazing offers during the holiday season and stay safe.

For more information about the island of Gozo, things to do and see, and event dates you can visit the official tourism website https://www.visitgozo.com/