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Top 5 Tips To Planning A Delightful RV Trip



An RV road trip is irresistible. Once the idea settles on one’s head, there is no turning back. The most important thing is to plan. You don’t just wake up and hop into your RV and start driving; proper planning is crucial.

You will need to plan everything prior to the road trip to make it successful and delightful. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or with family and friends, you will need to sit down and visualize your RV trip. Let’s look at some planning tips.

 Plot your Route

Using a map is very important. Today the GPS technology has overshadowed the traditional maps. With Google maps, you can drive anywhere and not get lost along the way. Getting lost shouldn’t be the only worry. Where to stop for gas or the size of the underpasses are all important things to consider.

If you want to get to the campsite quickly, look for the shortest route. If you want to behold the beautiful scenes, choose the appropriate route. If you have kids, fun sites are inevitable. Choose a route that has fun places for the kids. Planning ahead will save you and your family a lot of time and headaches.

 Clean and service your RV

The most important thing is to clean and service your RV. The vehicle must have been parked for a long time, and it’s only natural for it to gather dust. Clean it inside and out and air it in advance. Clean all the curtains and floor rugs.

Clean the kitchen cabinets and sinks. Clean the toilet and the bathroom. Dust the walls and the furniture. Clean or polish the floor. The exterior is equally important. Clean those tires and inflate them. Clean the roof and the windows. Clean the entire body and dry the RV.

Tune the engine to keep it functional. Charge all the batteries till they are full. In the case of any cracks, take your RV to an expert and have it fixed. Ensure your tires are inflated and well. Check all the tanks and repair appropriately. Make sure your A/C is in good condition. Check all the water and waste management systems for any faults.


The budget should cover all the expenses. Fuel expenses, food, shopping, fun activities, tolls, insurance, and souvenirs should be put into the budget. A good budget will give you a rough idea of the amount of money you will need on your RV trip.

Sticking to the budget is important to avoid financial strain after the trip. Cut off all the impulse buying temptations and set aside some money for extra items to budget. Remember to budget for emergencies. Anything can happen on the road. If you are working on a tight budget, cut as many unnecessary costs as possible. Look out for cheap eateries and affordable camping sites.


Spare Accessories and RV Parts

Emergencies can happen along the way. Carry some extra bulbs and toiletries. The spare tires should be intact and well inflated. A backup generator is essential in energy consumption. Pack your emergency kit and RV Parts  before anything else. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Pack a camera to document all your good times. Carry a backup storage device for safety. Your camera could take a swim, fall and break. Having a backup will lessen the pain.

 Carry enough insecticide

Camping and outdoors are all fun and games until strange bugs bite you. Carrying bracelet insecticides for the outdoors and insecticidal nets for the indoors will save you from stings and bites.

You can also invest in a good automatic repellant for the living area and the kitchen. Some bugs can infect you and the kids with diseases.  Spray insecticides are can also be used. When going out, you can spray the inside of the RV with spray insecticides.


There you go, folks. With the above tips, you are ready to hit the highway. Stick to the budget and the route you have chosen. As adventurous as it can be, diverting could get you into trouble and could distort your budget. Brainstorm on more ideas and let everybody contribute. This way, everybody will feel the excitement and look forward to the trip.