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Top 5 Trending POS Softwares for Restaurants


POS software has evolved tremendously these days to stay abreast with the competition. The traditional POS systems just don’t cut it anymore. With technology, like AI, robotics, and automation, for instance, a cloud POS is more suitable. It doesn’t require wires, and people can order from wherever they are.

The newer POS systems are more efficient, faster, and more. The following includes the top five trending POS software for restaurants:


This solution is a comprehensive management platform for restaurants. It is ideal for all restaurant concepts and types. The restaurant could be quick-service restaurants, fast-casual, and table service. It. is user-friendly, and you will also have increased service speed. Some other wonderful features are as follows: Conversational ordering, built-to-scale, data accessibility anywhere, quick order fulfillment, and configurable dashboard reports. 

Toast POS

Toast permits real-time data, such as inventory, tracking sales, and labor. 

It also puts real-time data into your hands – tracking sales, inventory, and labor. You can also do things, like host online ordering, run gift & loyalty card programs, and have unlimited access to 24/7 support in the US. 


This software is rated as the “Best-In-Class POS System“. It is easy-to-use, customizable, and allows manager-focused time efficiency. Other features include integrated inventory management, reports to order and insights, analyzing performance, streamlining back-of-office operations, and reduction of waste


TouchBistro meets the unique and specific demands and needs of the restaurant industry. With this software, restaurants can increase sales, inform business decisions, and improve customer service. With a smartphone, customers can split bills, swipe, or even join bar tabs. It also includes other smart foodservice features to make running a restaurant a breeze. This system is integrated with the best providers in reporting, payment processing, and shift management. 

LightSpeed POS

LightSpeed Retail provides great function and detail. You can manage your inventory with a synced product history online and in-store and pre-loaded catalogs. It only requires a few clicks when using Quickbooks with accounting integration. Also, you can manage special discounts and orders from your iPad or iPad and include special touches, such as branded receipts. 

POS software has evolved tremendously these days to stay abreast with the competition. With all the new advances in technology, the standard client to server system just doesn’t cut it anymore. The top-notch systems must be with superior cloud and other technical features more time and cost-efficiency.

Among the best in the market is the POS from PAR. For more information on this best POS software solution, check out PAR today. Being in business for several years, they have a plethora of POS software for your business. With them, your business will grow significantly in sales, you’ll grow significantly with a bigger customer base, and you will reduce waste.