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Top 5 Tricks to Get Your Groceries for Free Using Coupons


Did you know that it is possible to enjoy a full evening’s dinner for just under $5 with coupon deals? Furthermore, you are not going to spend hours cutting coupons off magazines and newspapers just to redeem a single item. You just need to be smart about how you redeem your coupons online or at a store.

Sign up for Grocery Coupon Alerts

Sign up with credible coupon sites to receive your bounty of discount coupons. You can gain up to $300 worth of shopping coupons that slash the price of various items like canned products, frozen foods, or dairy products. Some coupon sites offer additional perks like free samples for products you like.

As you consider signing up to coupon sites, you might want to use a different email address. This will stop your main email account from being spammed with various coupon alerts. Having a separate mail also helps you manage things better and make the most from the coupon ads.

Let Your Family in on it

Most coupon sites only allow one account per person. No doubts you can get great discounts from that one account alone. However, remember the goal is to take the price down to $0.00, so ask friends and family to help you hunt for coupons. Let them sign up accounts as well so they can be getting the same alerts. If you could arm your entire family with coupon codes, it is possible to walk out of a grocery store with $2,000 worth of groceries and pay only $400.

Get Coupon Rebate Apps

As you get alerts from your mail, you can also get instant alerts via coupon rebate apps. Rebate apps allow you to stack many coupons together and shop for more groceries. At the end of your shopping, you will pay for your items then scan the receipt with the rebate app.  Once the receipt is analyzed, you get reimbursed the amount you spent to your rebate app account. This money will be available for withdrawing within 48 hours of redeeming your coupons.

Coupon rebate apps have other advantages as well. There will be new coupon offers coming to you every week. Some rebate apps are affiliated with popular recipe sites and will avail simple easy-to-prepare recipes to your phone absolutely free.

Use a matchup site to manage your coupons

Matchup sites come in handy when you are considering coupon stacking. A matchup site helps you organize your coupons according to the stores they can be used in. You can also use a matchup site to find out the websites that accept competitor and manufacturer coupons as well. Matchup sites help you collect multiple coupons and redeem them on one item or several depending on the store you are in.

With a matchup site, it is possible to drive prices down and get multiple items for absolutely nothing. It is possible to redeem price discounts on one item by combining a manufacturer’s coupon and stack competitor coupon. If the store also has its own coupon code to redeem on the product, the price goes down further. Grocery worth $50 can end up costing $14 after stacking all your coupons. You are not done yet, scan the receipt and upload it to your coupon rebate app to earn that $7 discount. You end up spending $7 on products worth $47; that’s the power of matching up your coupons.

Print for Money

Some coupon sites will actually pay you for printing coupons to redeem later. As you literally take away the paperwork from them, you are rewarded with financial rebates that give your income a boost.

Thanks to coupon codes, it is possible to get more from your shopping list than what you imagined. Take action today by signing up with a coupon website and turn your grocery discount coupons into a free meal.