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Top 5 Tungsten Wedding Bands for 2017


Looking for that perfect wedding band can be quite daunting. However, if you already know the style you prefer, everything just flows smoothly. In the past, whenever we speak of wedding bands, we almost always think of gold and platinum. But with innovation and continuous ways of improving the designs, tungsten wedding bands are now trending.

Tungsten wedding bands are highly appealing to men because they are durable, strong, and scratch-proof. Moreover, these types of rings come in various finishes and they exude a masculine appearance. When you wear a tungsten ring, you will surely experience its weighty feel, thus making them look expensive and classy. Tungsten wedding bands are affordable and extremely popular nowadays. Moreover, they come in diverse styles; hence, men have surely a lot to choose from.

If you are searching or thinking of purchasing a tungsten wedding band, these top five trends will surely help you in making your best choice. The styles included below are unique and bold that a lot of men would certainly love to have on their finger. Nonetheless, classic tungsten wedding bands are also great choices because they are never out of style.

Top Five Tungsten Wedding Bands for 2017 :

1. Black Tungsten Ringsblack_tungsten_ring

For decades now, the black tungsten wedding bands have been highly popular, particularly when they were first launched in the market. If you wish to have those non-traditional styles, black rings are perfect. Because of their trendiness and boldness, black tungsten wedding bands can definitely turn heads. It has zirconium plating at the surface, which makes it extremely durable. However, they can scratch easily, especially when they come into contact with rough surfaces. The black tungsten rings usually cost between $109 and $289.

2. Wide Width Tungsten Ringssilver_tungsten_ring

The wide width tungsten rings are regarded as masculine because of their appearance. A lot of men are attracted to this kind of ring because of its width that makes a real fashionable statement. Wide width rings come in black tungsten and standard tungsten. However, with black tungsten, you need to remove it now and then, particularly when you are working using your hands. On the other hand, the traditional tungsten is likely to improve its appearance more in the coming years. The price of wide width tungsten wedding bands usually ranges from $139 to $239.

3. Inlayed Tungsten Rings

tow_tone_tungsten_ringWhen it comes to popularity, inlayed tungsten wedding bands are well-recognized. There are various selections for this kind of ring. Other than the popular carbon fiber inlay and ceramic inlay tungsten wedding bands, there are also gold, silver, and diamond. Nonetheless, if you wish to have something that can turn heads, abalone, wood, and mother of pearl inlay are excellent choices. They look unique and striking with the kind of materials that make the ring appear masculine.

4. Laser-engraved Tungsten Wedding Bands

laser engraved_tungsten_ring

The laser-engraved tungsten wedding bands are new sets of modern trends for men’s rings. However, compared to the traditional method of engraving metals, the material composition of tungsten is engraved using lasers. With its two tones, buyers will certainly make people take a second look. For laser-engraved tungsten wedding bands, Celtic knots are greatly preferred.

5. White Tungsten Wedding Bands


White tungsten bands are made from a durable carbide metal; however, it has a platinum or white gold appearance. Most men love the strength and durability of tungsten wedding bands, yet they still favor the traditional type no matter what the price of the ring is. A white tungsten wedding band has a brushed center as well as a small diamond. In particular, the diamond is black and has a sophisticated and classic appearance.