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Top Seven Gold Earring Designs For Women


Jewellery has emerged as an essential part of a woman’s life. Once she wears a lovely piece of jewel, she starts being confident about her beauty and her charm. Jewellery comes in a number of forms and is made of various kinds like of gold, silver or diamonds. But, Gold is always appreciated for its glory and richness by women around the world. Gold jewellery is moulded in several kinds such as gold chains, gold bracelet, gold earrings and much more.

There have been a number of online websites showcasing different kinds of daily wear gold earrings but making a single choice among so many gold earrings designs would be a difficult task which would require more of your time and efforts and will leave you in a dilemma. Some jewellery showrooms even display small gold earrings designs with the price which confuses the customers even more.

Given below are some of the stunning new gold earring designs  for women that will enhance their beauty and leave a mesmerising and an indelible impact.

Jhumka gold earrings:

These earrings give the most traditional look to the girls especially on marriage and festive seasons. The most popular kind of jhumkas are the semi-circle designs with an oval diamond in it which are more famous among teens.

Pearl gold earrings:

These earrings are mostly worn at the pre-wedding functions especially on some personal occasions. Gold pearl earrings with a pinch of diamond with it will make the pair a perfect choice for a ready-to-be-bride.

Classic full ear earrings: 

These earrings are most famous in the big fat weddings where people would love to wear these earrings with a silk saree or with heavy gowns. It gives the most ravishing look to the lay, and her appealing smile will grace her charm even more.

Wavy gold earrings:

These earrings are very common and are available in three sizes – small, medium or the large ones. These earrings can also be worn by the daily working lady as they are beautifully made of stunning wavy curves and gold sprinkles on it.

Heart shaped gold earrings: 

Heart the shape of love would be best for a groom to gift her bride on wedding night or on valentine occasions. Heart shaped gold earrings with bits of diamond on its sidelines will make a perfect pair for the mesmerising girl.

Lotus flower gold earrings:

Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, and because of its unique shape and formation, it is a perfect fit for any occasion. This design signifies love, unity and divinity.

Infinity design gold earrings:

These earrings are a symbol of everlasting bonding of love, integrity and marriage. These gold earrings have a base of gold with tiny sprinkles of diamond in it.

These designs have become a part of every jewel loving women and have glorified her beauty with its shine.