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Which elements do you need to consider when comparing email marketing software?

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Email marketing software is one of those elements that are easy to compare in terms of features. What may not be so easy is to know what specific points to focus on to assess that one software is better than another, or that one may be more useful for your objectives than another. That is exactly what we will see today.

Working with email marketing software in any company is a very valuable topic. Through this channel, brands are able to communicate directly with their potential customers and create a relationship of trust and exchange of value that will be productive over time.

The detail lies in making the right decision when subscribing as an user of one of the software programs available in the market. To make progress in this regard, there is nothing better than to establish a well-founded comparison between the features offered by one and the features offered by the other, for example by comparing the functions of mailchimp vs sendinblue.

To successfully achieve this goal, there are certain aspects to focus on in order to avoid wasting a lot of time reviewing information that is not relevant in this case.

The number of subscribers and emails

Considering the limits offered on free accounts is essential to avoid bad experiences in the future. Even if a brand is starting from scratch, it is key to have a vision of the future and what you hope to achieve with your email list. Limiting yourself in this sense is a big mistake.

There are software programs that present their offer with a daily limit of mailings, for example 200 emails in a day, up to a maximum of 6 thousand in a month. While this sounds wonderful in general terms, the reality is that 200 people subscribed to a list is very little when the job is done well.

In other cases, the reality is more favourable. These software allow the list to grow to 20,000 subscribers and handle an estimated 80,000 mailings per month, so it will be possible to maintain a constant flow of communication with potential customers without spending a single dollar.

The handling of advertising

Advertising within the emails sent is something that software providers take advantage of to make themselves known, but it is not something that is convenient for the brand that is sending the newsletters. In fact, including this in free accounts already detracts from the brand’s trustworthiness as an organisation.

The good news is that there are options that do not include brand promotion when using a free account, but rather brand leveraging through another channel, such as asking the user to become a follower on a particular social network. This way, the subscriber receives a clean email free of third parties logos and has no way of recognizing whether the sending company is using a free or paid account.

Create automations

Automations are a very valuable factor to avoid wasting time when planning email marketing campaigns. These automations allow you to include a new subscriber in a welcome funnel without being attentive 24 hours a day when this happens.

In the same way, they can be used for other purposes, such as congratulating the subscriber on their birthday or creating a promotional campaign for a special date of the year, such as Christmas. It is important to consider, when planning, the number of emails that the software allows to be sent in a month to avoid that the plans are not fulfilled later.

Create subscription forms

Subscription forms are essential for customers to really feel attracted to be part of that list. There is software that makes this process very simple and can be designed with the brand colours and everything necessary to be embedded on the website.

Thanks to this process, it will be possible for subscribers to go directly to the list and, depending on the data requested, even have direct segmentation. In other words, they can be put on a certain list and receive certain types of information according to their own interests.


This is one of the most important factors that is often not taken into account. Statistics are key to measure whether the email marketing strategy is giving good results. Some companies do not offer any kind of data on this matter, so you could be spending a lot of effort without knowing if you are on the right track.

However, there are other companies that in their free account do allow you to reflect valuable statistics with which to verify whether you are on the right track or whether you should change the technique used. They may even allow you to download the list of data and compare different campaigns to see which is being most effective.

Simple editing

It is no secret that when you start a business there are thousands of actions to be carried out and that often it is the entrepreneur himself who does everything on his own. That is why it is very important that the chosen software is intuitive and allows all processes to be carried out without many steps.

Some software includes templates in their free accounts that help users to adapt the emails to be sent without the need to know much about the subject, so that powerful funnels can be created without spending any money. In addition, the customization processes are simple and can be adapted to almost any wish you may have by dragging and dropping.

This means that the software can be used by people who have experience in the field, or by those who consider themselves beginners and are more wary of starting down this path.

Email marketing is the strategy that is currently offering the best results for brands. It is an active communication strategy that allows for a closer relationship with potential customers and for the brand to remain present in their lives. It is also very low cost and, in return, it offers very good benefits because it increases the chances of selling.