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Why an Email Verifier is Your Best Tool to Increase Email Deliverability

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Is your email bounce rate high and you don’t know how you can improve your email hygiene? Most businesses and email marketers go through this problem at least once. To run a successful email marketing campaign, it is crucial to clean your email list. An email verifier helps you remove the fraudulent and risky email addresses which would be time-consuming to do manually, not to mention it wouldn’t be 100% possible. An email verifier makes processing faster. It quickly removes all the undesired email addresses from your list, so you can achieve a higher email deliverability rate.

The reputation of the sender can be affected by spam traps, spam complaints and high bounces rates. It can affect your email deliverability and thus, it becomes essential for you to clean your email list. An email verifier removes all the email addresses which are risky and fraudulent. The process will lead to the minimisation of bounce rates and a better sending reputation.

Invalid and fake email addresses can take a lot of space in your list and cause you to spend money in vain. It is vital to maintain the email hygiene and to target your blasts towards real, engaged customers. Whether you run a business or a blog, sending campaigns to bot-created email addresses or to users who mark you as spam poses a real risk to your reputation.

The pros of using an email verifier

Using an email verifier is also very important when it comes to the accuracy of your email campaign reports. It has other benefits as well:

  • Minimisation of bounce rates – your bounce rate decreases when you use an email verifier. This will improve your reputation as a sender.
  • No more abouse emails– an email verifier helps cut down the number of subscribers who mark your email as spam. Abuse emails are extremely risky for email marketers, as they can affect your deliverability in the long run.
  • Improves reputation – your sending reputation improves when your spam complaints are low. It is important for businesses to maintain their reputation in order to achieve a better deliverability.

An email verifier will help you achieve your email marketing target, as you can reach people who are interested in what you do and will potentially engage with your email content.

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