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Women’s bags and fanny packs: where to find the best ones in the market


Handbags and fanny packs are two of the most important accessories that every woman should have in their closets, and that, therefore, must be selected very carefully to ensure the best possible appearance of the person wearing it. Fortunately, there are stores specialised in this type of accessory that provide everything necessary to satisfy the most demanding customers.

When it comes to fashion, bags, fanny packs and accessories of this type are always a huge part of the conversation, because they are an important part of every woman’s clothing. They come in different models and styles, which adapt to all tastes and trends, so finding the right one can be relatively simple if you know where to look.

There are companies that manufacture and distribute excellent quality bags that create true works of art to satisfy the most delicate feminine preferences.

One of them is Wouf, a women’s accessories store located in Barcelona, which since 2008 has been designing various kinds of bags, fanny packs, wallets, purses, tablet cases, mini bags, tote bags, hats, scarves, toiletry bags, pouch bags and more. Fine and tasteful products to accompany the female wardrobe.

The philosophy of this brand focuses on urban life, on the daily life of the working woman, mother, flirtatious, who likes to look good on all occasions and who loves to be the centre of attention wherever she goes; Therefore, use Wouf bags, which represent the lifestyle of today’s modern girl.

A commitment to sustainability

This company manufactures its products with responsible, organic and recycled materials to contribute to the preservation of the environment and help reduce environmental impact.

In addition, all its items are designed to be used and last for a long time, since we are in front of a brand that has earned its good reputation for the excellent quality of the items it offers and for its contribution to the promotion of a more ecological culture that is friendly towards mother earth.

From the moment of design to the manufacture of accessories, Wouf expresses his philosophy “Prints for Good”, which means doing everything for a good purpose. It is not just a simple label, but a faithful commitment to sustainability.

Such endeavour involves the production of timeless, resistant and durable items, made of high-quality sustainable materials, which reduce waste and emissions to the environment.

They also include materials that are produced locally in Barcelona, which helps clean up the city a little from all the waste that threatens environmental health while contributing to the region’s economy.

Beautiful cotton fanny packs

One of the accessories most used by women to accompany their clothing is a nice cotton waist bag that, due to its high versatility and functionality, has become the favourite accessory of many of Wouf’s customers.

Cotton fanny packs are quite practical and versatile accessories that are used to carry small and personal items safely and comfortably. They fasten around the waist and are very eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are so functional that it is not surprising to see that women wear them everywhere every day.

Furthermore, they generally consist of a main compartment with a zip closure, which can hold items such as smartphones, sunglasses, wallets, keys, money, tissues, and other small personal belongings. Some also have additional pockets, inside or outside, that help better organise the objects you carry.

Wouf fanny packs have quite elegant and sober designs, but at the same time, they are sporty and eye-catching, which are ideal for everyday use, to take life at full speed. They combine style with functionality and are perfect to wear at all times and places.

The cotton that this company uses is of very high quality, developed with extremely soft organic threads and bold and unique prints, which enhance the beauty of this essential accessory in every woman’s trousseau.

In addition to their practicality, cotton fanny packs also offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly option compared to synthetic materials. Cotton is a renewable and biodegradable natural fibre, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Small fanny packs can’t be missing either

There are also smaller fanny packs, known as small waist bag, which are equally practical and quite functional, only they have smaller dimensions and capacity than the previously mentioned ones.

This product is highly demanded by women, as it offers just the necessary space to store important objects such as keys, a smartphone or a purse with the money we often carry around. They are perfect to take to the gym, on a walk, to the movies, to classes and even to work, because they adapt and look great in any situation.

Their advantages include their compact size, light weight, the comfort, and freedom of movement they offer and the possibility of quickly finding what is stored in them.

Another important feature is that being closer to the body, they are safer, since it is more difficult for any thief to try to tear it off and run away.

On the other hand, they are available in a wide range of models, colours, prints and designs, which adapt perfectly to any personal clothing style you have. Small fanny packs are a very modern and versatile option for today’s woman and for every lifestyle.

At Wouf you can get this type of fanny packs in various models, with unique and modern details and bold and fun prints that fit your lifestyle.

In addition, they are made with ecological and very durable materials, such as pure organic cotton and fabrics recycled from plastic bottles that have already been used. In this way, it makes a great contribution to the restoration of the planet.

In conclusion, with this company you will have very good quality bags, fanny packs and other women’s accessories, with beautiful designs created to enhance the personality of today’s daring woman and, best of all, you will be able to contribute to reducing the environmental footprint and improving everyone’s life.