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This Week in World: Indonesia, El Salvador, and More


Millions Risk Jail After Indonesia Bans Premarital Sex

A new law in Indonesia may ban sex before marriage. In addition, they might pass a law that prevents insulting the president’s dignity. As a result, rights groups are criticizing the move, calling it an intrusive attacks on basic rights. After a governmental draft last week, the law will pass sometime next week.

Indonesia has a large Muslim population, as well as Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist minorities. However, the country as a whole has been moving towards deeper religious piety and conservative Islamic activism. “The state must protect citizens from behavior that is contrary to the supreme precepts of God,” said Nasir Djamil, a politician from the Prosperous Justice Party.

Former El Salvador President Jailed For 2 Years

Former El Salvador president Elias Antonio Saca received a two-year prison sentence for bribery. Saca is already serving a 10-year prison sentence for misuse of public funds and money laundering. A jury also found him guilty of offering $10,000 to a court employee to gain information about his case.

He pleaded guilty to both counts, wishing to reduce his sentence. However, a judge has yet to decide whether or not he will add the two years to his current sentence. Saca was originally arrested during his son’s wedding in 2016.

Libyan Coast Guard Picks Up 500 Migrants

The Libyan coast guard picked up 500 migrants off the coast of Tripoli on Thursday. The migrants, which included 28 women and 5 children, came from sub-Saharan, Arab and Asian countries. The coast guard placed them in detention centers, spread all across Libya. Recently, Libya has been a main departure point for migrants looking to flee war, looking for a new life.

Peru Deports 150 Venezuelans

Peru deported 150 Venezuelans who entered the country illegally. Currently, authorities are cracking down on strict immigration policies for crisis-stricken Venezuela. Historically, Peru has welcomed the refugees with open arms. However, as the numbers of migrants climbed to more than 850,000, fanning concerns about crime, jobs and social services, Peru cut the residency program short and toughened entry requirements.

US Expels Two Of Cuba’s UN Diplomats

The US ordered the expulsion of two Cuban UN diplomats on Thursday. In addition, they banned the travel of Cuba’s remaining members. The US accused two Cuban diplomats of trying to “conduct influence operations” harmful to U.S. national security. However, they didn’t elaborate any further.