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This Week In World: Mexico, Paul Manafort, and More


Truck Rollover In Mexico Kills 25

A cargo truck without plates drove off a road in southern Mexico. The resulting rollover killed 25 people inside the truck. The crash also injured 30 other people. The crash occurred around dusk on a highway 25 miles south from Tuxtla-Gutierrez.

Currently, officials have not released the specific nationalities of the victims. However, they said that all passengers came from Central America. Reports say that mechanical failures could have caused the crash. “Nearly 30 people were reported injured in the accident involving an approximately three-ton Ford Super Duty pick-up truck attached to a cargo container,” according to a statement from the Chiapas attorney general’s office.

Paul Manafort Jailed For Fraud

A hearing sentenced Donald Trump’s ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort to 4 years in prison for fraud. Police arrested him last year for laundering millions of dollars gained from political advice given to Ukraine. Police investigated the charges after an inquiry about the suspected Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

The 47-month sentence was much lower than what Robert Mueller suggested. However, the Trump administration denied the charges, describing the inquiry as a witch hunt. In addition to the charges, Manafort will go up against more charges related to lobbying.

‘One More Push’ To Pass Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May urged the European Union to make “just one more push” to stop the push against Brexit on Friday. However, proposals from the chief negotiator fell short of anything that would win over the British parliament. With 3 weeks left before Britain leaves the EU, May failed to secure changes to the deal to ensure the move.

Malawi Flood Kills 23

A flood in southern Malawi caused by heavy rain killed at least 23 people. An additional 11 people are missing. Right now, search and rescue teams have been deployed, and about 100,000 were affected by the flood. In addition, the flood knocked out many power generating facilities and water storage.

Currently, teams are working to restore the facilities to capacity. Around 270 megawatts of Malawi’s 320 megawatts of available power capacity are currently offline. Hydroplants around the Shire River is responsible for most of the country’s power generation.

Madagascar Measles Outbreak

While measles cases are on the rise globally, Madagascar has definitely had it the worst. In most first world countries, the outbreak is related to the increasing “anti-vax” movement, but in Madagascar, there aren’t enough vaccines to go around. Parents are desperate to get ahold of them, but clinics are charging premiums for the vaccines.

Around 1,000 people, mostly children, have died from the measles outbreak. In 2017, about 110,000 people died from the disease, most under the age of 5. Currently, the WHO has urged parents to ignore false theories linking vaccines to autism.