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This Week In World: Tanker Attacks, Amazon, and More

tanker attacks

Tanker Attacks Could Lead To Oil Conflict

A series of tanker attacks occurred in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. The attacks drove oil prices up and stoked fears of an oncoming confrontation between Iran and the US. Currently, the White House has briefed President Trump. In addition, the US government is working on assessing the situation.

The tanker attacks come as tensions between the two countries rise. After a deal fell through, Iran said it would continue to block the Strait of Hormuz, which is close to where the attacks occurred. However, no one has claimed the tanker attacks, and no one has placed blame either.

Amazon Sued Over Alexa Recordings

Two US cases say that Amazon’s Alexa has illegally been obtaining recordings of children’s voices. The cases claim that Amazon lacks the required consent for them to create voiceprints of children. In addition. the two parents are suing for damages because of this lack of consent. They say that instead of transmitting the voice to Amazon, a digital query could be used.

However, Amazon is refusing to claim liability. They claim that they only store data when a device owner has given them permission. They also say that parents can delete any recordings taken. In addition, only 1% of activations are even logged by Amazon.

Pope Tells Diplomats To ‘Toe the Line’

On Thursday, Pope Francis ordered his ambassadors around the world to “live humble, exemplary lives and be closer to the poor than to the elite”. In a document given to nearly 100 ambassadors to the Vatican, Francis told them to “live for the things of God and not for those of the world”.

The announcement comes at a time when the Roman Catholic Church is under much scrutiny. Following multiple sexual abuse allegations from across the world, the Pope is eager to make the world see them in a better light.

Ebola Outbreak Hits Uganda

A grandmother and her 5-year-old grandson died of Ebola in Western Uganda. These are the first reported cases of the disease spreading across the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition, three people have escaped an isolation center in southern Uganda. Twenty-seven other people have come into contact with infected people, and are currently being quarantined and treated.

Suicide Bombers Kill 9 In Jalalabad

A suicide bomber targeted a police vehicle in the Afghani city of Jalalabad on Thursday. The blast killed at least 9 people, including civilians. 5 civilians, including a child, and 4 police men died. The bomber also injured 12 more people. Currently, no group has claimed responsibility.