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7 Threats to the Current Information Security


The modern epoch of technology has eventually provided enough room for the enrichment of the security services that ensure adequate cyber defense. The constant connectivity to the internet has significantly empowered the creativity as well opportunities in the current market.

Besides the advanced security arrangements, cyber criminals are precisely figuring out the loop holes in the sensitive networks. One should be aware regarding the growing security threats to prevent a sneak into their company’s confidential data.

Here we’ll discuss the trending security threats that can be avoided by having an adequate knowledge and adopting some basic safety aspects.

The Social Media Attacks

Numerous cyber criminals are targeting big IT companies by taking the complete advantage of social networking websites. These attacks include “water holing,” which is considered as the trending and dangerous attack through social media. In this attack, the hacker keeps an eye on the frequently visited web sites of an organization.

These hackers then infect one of these websites and eventually manage to sneak peek into a company’s confidential data. One can easily avoid such attacks by minimizing the use of social media on systems containing crucial data. Alternatively, one should always install a firewall on each system to prevent unauthorized access.

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Weak Security System

There is a rapid release of several gadgets that allows on the go access to the internet. Unfortunately, these devices don’t emphasize on security of the content, which is a major drawback. Every unsecured connection just means susceptibility. The initial lag of security on mobile devices is the reason why there still exists a potential attack that leads to data loss.

Furthermore, the hardware compatibility doesn’t allow the efficient utilization of the security to these portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. One should avoid the use of these devices for accessing your company’s crucial data as well as for online payments. One can prefer hard drive data wiping to ensure that all the unnecessary crucial data is permanently wiped.

Apart from this, companies should focus on destroying their unnecessary data by professional data destruction techniques. This ensures the data is not accessible by any means once it has been destructed permanently.


Cellular Malware

According to the security experts, there are more chances of spreading malware from a mobile device as compared to the other systems. The recent attacks on mobile users have eventually proved the need of an active security management at each level.
It has been seen that people usually prefer to access their company’s data and other crucial information, which is quite risky. The network could be sensitive, which can be easily hacked by unauthorized users through several techniques.

Improper Configuration

Besides the malware attacks, there exist some significant security vulnerabilities that may lend a hand to the attackers to access your private information. The data tools that are specially designed for big organizations come with the unique configuration options. These configuration options mainly emphasize on enhancing the security through the use of adequate encryption technique.

According to recent surveys, people with the wrong configuration of their network equipment such as routers, switch, and a hub are more prone to the cyber attacks leading to a data breach. It is recommended that one should hire third-party security management services that offer adequate configuration as well as maintenance of the entire network of a company.


Expired Security Software

Updated security software is the essential need for ensuring appropriate security to your computer system and the network. The market is flooded with numerous viruses and malware that requires an advanced system that is capable of restricting these security threats from entering your system.

One should ensure that their anti-virus is up to date according to the latest firmware, and must turn their automatic updates on. Furthermore, choosing reliable security software is essentially necessary to get reliable protection from several threats.

No Encryption

Preventing sensitive data during the transit could be quite challenging especially when you are not considering any security encryption. Encryption is one of the finest ways to secure data during the transit. One should understand the importance of handling crucial data and must stress on ensuring adequate security.


Numerous security encryption techniques can be opted for providing the best security to the data while it is accessed from a remote location, or transmitted. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security is one of the finest encryption technique offering reliable services to the corporate world.

Outdated Firmware

Sometimes the biggest culprit could be your system’s firmware that can invite several security threats. One should never compromise with an outdated operating system or other essential software that needs an immediate update.

Cyber criminals are always in a hunt for organizations and firms that are still using the older versions of operating systems that are at higher risk of malware attacks. One should regularly update the system and ensure that adequate security software is installed on each system in the firm.


The current data-driven market demands sufficient security of personal information as well as client’s data. The threats mentioned above are the reason why one should precisely choose an appropriate security for their organization.