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3 Tips For Taking Proper Care Of Your Wedding Ring


When you first got married or engaged, you likely tried to be very careful about what you did with your wedding ring on. However, as you get more used to wearing this ring, you might have gotten a little complacent about taking the best care of this piece of jewelry. Because of this, you might have noticed that your ring appears dull or isn’t as shiny and beautiful as it once was. Luckily, with a little knowledge and effort, you can get your ring back to its original brilliance once again. To show you how, here are three tips for taking proper care of your wedding ring.

Get The Right Insurance

The last thing you want to have happen to your ring is for it to get lost or stolen so you can no longer wear it. The only thing that could make this situation worse is if you come to realize that your ring wasn’t insured, so you’re out on the entire cost of the ring as well. To keep this from happening to you, AnneMarie Scali, a contributor to Brides.com, advises that you get the right insurance for your ring. Good insurance will have you covered in the event that your ring gets lost, damaged, or stolen. To get the right coverage, you’ll want to ensure that you get your ring appraised every few years so you can be covered adequately, as prices change every so often to determine what your ring’s actually worth.

Know When To Take It Off

While you might want to wear your ring every minute of every day, especially in the beginning, there are certain times where it’s better for you to take your ring off in order to protect it. According to Lilah Nicolaidis, a contributor to The Knot, you should try to remember to take your ring off when you’re working out, washing dishes, doing laundry, or participating in any other tasks that could put your ring in jeopardy. If you keep your ring on during these times, you take the chance of losing your ring, damaging it, or causing your setting to get loose. But if you take your ring off just while doing these tasks, you can protect it from all the above mentioned hazards.

Keep It Clean

Many of the things you do throughout the day can all add up to make your ring dirty. From being outside to putting on lotion and even just wearing it on your skin, debris and oil can build up on the ring and cause it to become truly filthy. To get your ring clean, Martha Stewart Weddings advises that you use a reputable jewelry cleaner or use a solution of your own making to help keep your ring clean and clear of any mess. You can also take your ring to a jeweler to get every little part of your ring sparkling again.

To keep your ring looking great for your whole marriage, consider using the tips mentioned above to take the best care of this piece.