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Wedding Dress Trends For Your 2018 Ceremony

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Planning a wedding is enough of an ordeal without the added trouble of figuring out what you’ll be wearing.  Today’s wedding ceremonies are not as traditional as they have been in the past, and there are fewer boundaries for designers.

Make sure you have everything you need to look just as you dreamed at your wedding this year, and check into some of the most popular wedding dress trends of 2018.  Piece together the aspects of design that best work for your body, and build the most beautiful wedding dress you’ve ever seen for your special day.

Princess capes

Every little girl wants to be a princess, and the inner child is coming out in this year’s trends.  Forego your elaborate train or veil, and go all out with a chic princess cape. Decorate and customize your design with a specialist, or put together your own creation at home.

Go full-on Snow White, and highlight the design of your veil with your favorite precious stone. The cool blue of sapphires may be just the vibe you seek, or show up in style with a diamond studded design.

Shades of pink and nude

This year’s brides have chosen the way of color.  Shades of pink and nude are showing up on the runway in 2018.  Naeem Khan designed both a hot pink and a peach wedding dress for the bride who wants to throw a bit of caution to the wind.

The romantic, antique aesthetic of the soft pinks and nudes in a wedding dress is a style that is sure to be around for a while.  Test your liking, and consider an untraditional color for your wedding dress.

Detached sleeves

Dress designers have famously designed to show off a woman’s shoulders, but this year’s trends feature completely detached sleeves.  Bouffant sleeves, slinky sleeves, and lacy sleeves have all been designed for adaptability.

The look of an off-the-shoulder design with the perks of a strapless dress make this season’s wedding designs unique and innovative.  If you change your mind on the big day, you can even choose to do away with the sleeves entirely.

Half length dresses

Gone are the days of strict design standards, and the shorter wedding dresses are here.  Audrey Hepburn fans will be delighted to pay homage to her 1950s style with a mid-calf length dress for the big day.

This reinvention of design restores a sweet vintage feel to style down the aisle.  If you’re going for a classic look that offers the freedom of modern design, consider a half length design for your wedding dress this season.

Wedding pants

In 2018, the bride is wearing the pants at the altar.  Jumpsuits and pantsuits are making their mark on bridal trends today.  Explore the opportunity to do away with the dress, and find a more fitting fashion for your personality this year.