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5 Durga puja pandals. Hopefully, you didn’t miss this year!!


It’s almost time. Everyone is ready for their way back to the monotonous life.
Pujo is one of the few time periods where Bangali artists show there skills & prove that art (shilpo) still recides in the heart of Kolkata.

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5. Ajeyo sanghati haridevpur

Ajeyo-Sanghati-Durga-2015A masterpiece from the heart of haridevpur. the club is a specialist in themed puja , & makes extremely abstract yet entertaining pandals which never turn down the hoppers.
this year they choose ‘chou’ dance as their theme & got extremely excellent reviews . the contrast of the colors were just perfectly perfect yet they didn’t use any useless attractions.
no chance of missing it !!!

4. 41 pally Haridevpur

41-pally-haridevpur58th years of Excellence organised by young generation .
This year they just made some beautiful artistic excellence which made the hoppers spellbound.
The pandal is made so cautiously & outstandingly that you just have to watch & think how someone be so perfect?It is a puja which is not meant to be missed !!!!

3. Tala barowari :

Tala-barowari-Durga-2015Tala Barowari Durgotsab is one of the oldest Sarbojanin puja of kolkata, celebrating it’s 93th year. This puja is filled with innovative ideas mixed with India’s rich culture and art. From last few years they are holding the dignity of Kolkata’s one of the best pujo. It is manageable not only with the help of tremendous team efforts but also by the suggestions of thousands of viewers, critics and well-wishers.
If you missed this, you missed almost everything.

2. Selimpur pally :

Selimpur-pally-durga-2015Celebrating the 78th year of successful durga puja. their artist gopal poddar known for his fine artistic skills never led the hoppers down . He specializes in rural area themes , this year’s theme is related to the carpenters of rural area.

1. Chetla agrani club :

Chetla-agrani-club-Durga-2015A fine symbol of art & communal harmony. Durga puja is for everyone , exclusive of caste, creed, religion, sex.
These year they proved incomparable on both the fields of art & commual harmony. It is basically Muslim operated club , the secretary Yasshir Hossain who himself is a Muslim & carrying the pujo in his own hand proudly & responsibly . And the pujo always takes place just beside a mosque.
Coming to the art quotient , they r one of the finest in this field, they r even habitual winners since past .

Hope you have liked my personal selection and hopefully you didn’t miss these !!!!

Leave a comment with your own pick of pandal.

young mind with innovative ideas. wait......actually, too much innovations !


  1. Well done. Good work. But as a reader I must suggest you whenever you are explaining your pic you must go smooth. Here it seemed you got to finish it somehow. When you go slow, it makes it more lively to the readers. I observed you covered a part of South. Next time try to cover more places of Kolkata,e.g. Khidderpore, Garia, Sovabazra etc.
    Anyway well done. Keep it up. Subho Bijoya 🙂

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