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5 Facts : Manchester United vs Liverpool 2015

manchester united vs liverpool 2015

Date : 12th September, 2015, Saturday

Time : 10.00 pm (IST)

Venue : old Trafford

TV Channels: SkySports (UK), TenSports (India), SportsNet (Canada), NBCSN (USA)

Manchester United vs Liverpool 2015

Rivalry a word which makes us more haughty, and if there is rivalry about football then it makes us more arrogant, curious and opinionated.  The Liverpool F.C.–Manchester United F.C , It is considered to be one of the biggest rivalry matches in world and European football. 12th September , 2015 again the day will come. Football fans will be eagerly waiting for that day. Before that let’s have a look about the history.

Recently Manchester United head  with 77 and  Liverpool is 64. Manchester united for 20 times champion and Liverpool is 18 times premiere league champion. Again that day has come. Before this Manchester United vs Liverpool 2015, we have to know  five interesting fact about the rivalry .

1.History :


First Meeting was 28th april, 1894 and ended the match over 2-0 win for Liverpool FC . In 1906-07 , the two clubs met in First division league on 1st August Saturday.  United  ended liverpool’s treble with a 1-0 win. Statistic says Manchester united wins for 77 times and Liverpool for 64 times.

2.Highest Goal :

United's Denis Law has a word with Ron Yeats of Liverpool in a goalless draw at Anfield in 1967

In 1907-08 season,  Liverpool won the match with 7-4 goals against Manchester united and signified that highest goal(11) in the derby match between Manchester united and Liverpool. Before Liverpool created another history in the year 1985-86, they ruined Manchester United(Newton health) over 7-1 win. Later Manchester united took their revenge over 6-1 win in the year 1927-28.

3.Most Player :

Ryan Giggs cutting in off the wing over twenty years ago, at Anfield in April 1992


Manchester united’s icon player Ryan Giggs played most derby matches against Liverpool fc. He played total 48 matches and scored 5 goals for united and now he is supporting staff for united. 12th September he will  be there as a support staff instead of player. 10th October 1992 giggs played his first match against Liverpool  and that match united salvaged a draw in the last minute of the game and the match ended over 2-2 score line.

4.Highest Goal scorer :



An icon in British football as well as Liverpool scored most goals, scored 9 goals against Manchester united for Liverpool. He is one and only living legend Steven Gerrard. Next another legend is George Wall , he also scored 9 goals for Manchester united.

 5.About Match Day:

Again a derby match has come, 12th September 2015. In anfield who will win, now both team starts their new season with newcomer and lots of talented player. There are more players , we need to watch them. Mignolet, Coutinho, Skrtel and Milner, anyone of them can change the color of the match for the Liverpool . Whereas Rooney, Schewinstiger, Mata will sweat blood to fight for Man U.

You may check the live steaming here.  But don’t forget to follow ISL 2.

So, let’s wait for The clash of the Titans, this 12th September.

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