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5 Places Where Prohibition Signs Play an Important Role by Ensuring Safety


Prohibition Signs play a vital role in safety management and good health. Moreover, they are also a legal requirement in a lot of cases. In this post, we’ll take a glance at five places where these signs are very crucial to ensure safety.

Be it a school or a workplace; the management is required to take some steps to ensure safety in and around the premises. One of the simplest and effective ways to do so is to use Prohibition Signs. The objective of these signs is to unambiguously and rapidly draw the attention to situations and objects that can cause hazards.

In most of the cases, these signs are obligatory by law and their unavailability at the required places can result in severe consequences. Let us have a look at five places where these signs should be surely used to ensure safety.

1. School

Schools can use a broad range of Prohibition Signs related to the pupils, visitors and parents. For instance, “No entry” signs can be used at places where entry is restricted. If the school doesn’t permit the use of mobile phones, there can be a use of signs like “No mobile phones” at strategic locations. Apart from these, there are many other types of signs available for schools including professional property signs and traffic signs.

2. Hospitals

There can be several small hazards due to needles, radiation, infectious waste, etc. in a hospital. This makes it very important for every hospital to use signs that can prevent such occurrences. Some of the most commonly used signs in hospitals are “No Smoking”, “Hazardous waste”, ”Restricted entry”, “Switch off mobile phones”, and “Do not stare into the laser beam”. Some companies also offer Signs with custom messages.

3. Workplaces

Depending on the type of workplace like offices, manufacturing units, storage facilities, etc. many different types of Prohibition signboards are available. When searching the right signage for commercial spaces, ensure that you do consider the type of work being done at the facility to ensure maximum safety. “Avoid eye or skin exposure to radiation”, “No access”, “No naked flames” and “Not drinking water” are some popular signs for workplaces.

4. Shopfloor

If you run a shop, ensuring the safety of your customers and the staff is your responsibility. Using signage at important locations can significantly reduce the chances of any hazards. There are several signs available which you can effectively use in shops. They include “Hold handrail on escalator”, “Feet away from escalator sides”, “Restricted area”, “Cameras prohibited, “No naked flame”, etc.

5. Parking

If your facility has a parking space too, you can use signs to keep the lot safe and organised. Some of the signs that you can consider are “Visitor parking”, “No parking”, “Reserved parking”, “Handicap parking”, “Limited time parking” and “Permit parking only”. These signs are available in many different sizes and materials to perfectly suit your requirement.

Prohibition Signboards don’t just significantly increase the safety of an area but are also required by law in most places. Understand the safety requirements of your facility and start searching for high-quality signage online to fulfill the juridical requirements and ensure safety.