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5 Secure Messaging Apps For 2018


The world has come a long way in terms of secure messaging, and as we can remember, encrypted texts or chats were a reserve of the chosen few. Examples of the groups who used those securities are the secret service and the journalists.

Times have now changed and everyone is concerned about their security when it comes to communication. From individuals to the largest organizations, securing their messaging platforms is a key factor in their operations today.

With the advent of technology, our daily communication through chatting at work or with our loved ones has been made a completely private affair, thanks tothe introduction of end-to-end encryption. The technology hasn’t been embraced by all the messaging apps that we use today, given the many that we have online.

To stay safe from hackers who are always busy finding ways of getting into your information, you should use the following most secure apps for your messaging. You can also read this excellent tutorial for more information.


It is a messaging app that is developed by Open Whisper Developers. You can easily get it from Google Play Store by downloading it for free. Its sophisticated engineering and end-to-end encryption feature makes its one of the best app that you can safely send images, texts and videos to other users without a worry.

It also has a safe calling feature in it, and so you shouldn’t worry about calling others and having your communication tapped.


It was introduced by Apple Inc. for its OS X and iOS customers who have an iOS 5 update. If you are one of their customers or basically using Apple products, you will be able to send your texts and other media safely.

The messages are encrypted and can also be tracked just to confirm that the message gets to the exact recipient it was intended for.

In addition, if you get iOS 10 update you can be able to send animated messages, make use of Digital Touch to send heartbeats, sketches or taps that you attach to your messages.

The app is downloadable for use on both your iPhone and for PC too.


Its seems to be everyone’s darling and just to prove that, over a billion people all over the world currently use this app. It’s among the most secure messaging app that you can get. It was acquired by Facebook (another successful social media brand) a couple of years back.

This app also uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your private conversations aren’t seen by anyone else. That’s why you will see people tell each other “hit me on my inbox” when they don’t want to continue conversing on their Facebook walls where everyone can see.


This is an open source app, which is used for messaging by both Android and iPhone device owners. The highly secure app has sophisticated security protocols like extensible and off-the-record messaging, plus presence protocol.

The app was released by The Guardian Project, and its development is a partnership of a number of engineers and advocates.

Silent Phone

If you want to send large files easily and private messages too, this is the app to go for. It was released and launched by Silent Circle, and it is available for both iOS and Android users. Its video calls, conference calls, text messages and voice calls are all encrypted.

It has a scheduled burn functionality thanks to the USP of the app, which allows the user to decide when the messages that he or she sends are to be deleted on either end.

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Social media applications users need to do their activities in privacy. Many businesses and organizations also want communication products that will enable them to keep their messaging platforms safe. In that case they will keep their rivals at bay, and at the same time evade malicious people who might want to attack them based on the information they get from their communications.

Messaging apps have seen a drastic change because there are many things that they can do just to ensure the safety of the users. For instance, some have self-destruct functionalities, which make the messages to automatically delete themselves immediately after they have been read on the other end.

All the users with privacy concerns should therefore go for these kinds of apps and they will always be safe in their communications and operations.