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5 Student Loan Debt Management Tips for Millennials


Student loan debt is a time bomb that endangers the future of several young adult fiscal futures. By the end of 2014, the outstanding student debt amount has surpassed $1.16 trillion, as per the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. That is much more than the amount outstanding in credit card, mortgages or car loans.

Skipping student loan payments makes it tougher for you to purchase a car, house because of its impact on your credit rating. And what’s more upsetting is that filing for bankruptcy doesn’t eradicate student loans. However, you can learn to handle your student loan better with these points.

5 Student Loan Debt Management Tips for Millennials :

1. Rank your loan payments

Student debt loan isn’t something that one can ignore even if you do not have sufficient income. Rather you should create the payment in your monthly budget and minus somewhere else. Skipping payments of student debt may hamper your credit score.

It also leads to accruing of interests which leads to more burden.

2. Do not be scared to get help

Your loan lender may be ready to simplify your burden by lowering your monthly payouts. Or it may allow you to stop making payments for a short span of time to allow you to get back on your legs.

But remember, this will enhance the life of your loan and you will have to pay more interest for it, in return.

3. Take benefits of the accessible programs

There are so many companies offering personal and federal student loans.

The federal PAYE (Pay as You Earn) plan restricts monthly payout to 10% of your optional revenue. So, those who work in public service can get their remaining amount forgiven if they have been making regular payment for a period of 10 years.

If you work in the private sector, then your balance is forgiven after 20 years.

4. Find out an efficient strategy to clear your loan

Just like any other loan, the quicker you pay your student loan, the lesser interest you have to pay over time. Find out the monthly payout for your loan with the shortest repayment tenure. Often the private lending companies lower the interest rate if you select lower repayment tenure or have a good credit rating.

If your loan permits you to make the monthly payouts at the smallest repayment length without entering into credit card debt for your other expenses, then go for it.

If by any chance you enter credit card debt while managing your groceries and other house expenses and tackling student loan debt, then find out the best way to pay off credit card debt and clear it out. You can even check out for loan consolidation which is a great and an effective way as well.

5. Go for consolidation

There are some make your study loan and personal loan helpful. You can turn them into a money saver and amalgamate your bills. Get in touch with a loan provider and esquire about the consolidation plans they offer. Check out the payment schedules, rate of interest and any fees that they may be charging before signing up.

The youth of today is very smart and they know how to tackle their debt and loan. They smartly streamline their bills and opt for a convenient and efficient payment mode.

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