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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Geyser



On 10 January 2017, Delhi’s coldest day recorded temperature reading of 2.3 degree Celsius. As the winter season is gaining grounds in India, the need for geysers has risen exponentially. After all, you cannot live without a bath, and a geyser gives you the convenience of taking a hot bath without any hassles. If you are planning to buy a geyser, you should be aware of certain aspects that demand your attention. Check out these things to consider before buying a geyser.



The first priority is your requirement. Whether you require it for bathing purpose or washing purpose; the situations affect your selection. For example, if you want to install geyser in the kitchen, it is wise to opt for a low-capacity geyser of around 5-10 liters and for bathing purpose, it can go beyond 25 liters. Further, if you are an individual, couple, or a small family; you can sustain with a low-capacity geyser. But for large families, high-capacity is a necessity.

Important note – For low-capacity requirement, opt for instant electric geysers and for the high-capacity requirement, purchase storage geysers.


Geyser Components

  • Heating element – The heating element is one of the aspects that determine the efficiency of the geysers. Most of the geysers use heating element made of nichrome (nickel – 80%, chromium – 20%). Moreover, the heating element is glass lined to prevent hard water scaling.
  • Tank – The storage tank holds the water in the geyser. Most of the geysers are equipped with vitreous enamel glass coated storage tanks. These tanks are corrosion-resistant, durable, insulated, and prevent hard water scaling as well.
  • Thermostat – The thermostat is a crucial component that regulates the temperature for effective water heating. The bimetallic strip controls the electric current based on the temperature of water.



As electrical appliances are subjected to wear and tear, the duration of the warranty should be considered while purchasing the geyser. Most of the geysers offer 5-7 years of warranty on the components whereas some brands offer a lifetime warranty on the storage tanks. A long-time warranty is recommended to avoid loss in case of any damage. Otherwise, you have to pay a hefty amount of money for repair purposes.


After Sales Service

It is advised to avail professional services offered by the brand representatives. While purchasing a geyser, you should confirm whether they offer an on-site warranty or not. Further, ensure that there is a service center in your city or town. Otherwise, you will face difficulty in searching an experienced electrician for the job.


Energy Efficiency

Always opt for BEE-accredited geyser appliances as you will save money on electricity bills. Most of the geysers power requirement fluctuates between 2 KW and 4.5 KW. So you can imagine the amount of electricity that will be required to heat the water during winters. Geysers with 3-5 star ratings are ideal preferences amongst buyers. Further, ensure that the brand has the ISI certification validating quality control measures.

These were the most important aspects that you should consider while purchasing a geyser. Last but not the least, the design of the geyser can drastically enhance the interiors. Hence, while buying a geyser, emphasize on the aesthetics aspect as well. Now that you have a good idea about what features to look for in a geyser, don’t forget to check out the list of best geysers in India on Review Station.