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Aquafresh RO Purifiers – Safe and Secure Drinking


Did you know, due to water contamination millions of people from all over the world fall sick. Water is natural resource and has many pollutants in it. It is the basic necessity of life. Some water pollutants are naturally mix in water but many of the pollutants are because of humans. People are responsible for the misuse of water bodies and environment. The facts which are more responsible for water contamination are growing population, industrial development and environmental degradation.

Now the question is this, how to make pollutants free. Most of the cities use chlorine, chloramine and fluoride for making water pollutants free or for safe drinking. But over a long time span, these can severe diseases to the individuals. Hence, after considering all these elements, AQUAFRESH RO System launched its water purifiers which are safe for use.

Aquafresh RO is leading company which is totally devoted towards the welfare of people. Its products are very economical, reasonable and efficient regarding purification technology. Its products are for domestic and commercial use. After installing its RO Purifies, one is safe from many hazardous diseases.

There are enormous Aquafresh RO purifiers available in markets and on online sites which are specifically designed and manufactured according to the needs and desire of the customer. Out of many, following are FIVE which are in high demand, and can be found here at aquafreshropurifier.com.

5 Most Popular Aquafresh RO Systems are:

1. Aquafresh Super Grand Plus


Aquafresh Super Grand Plus is a product which is in great demand because of its high purification power. It has seven stages in the process of purification. It uses RO, UV, UF, TDS control technologies for making water pure and safe. Its design and look is very attractive and compact. The unique features of Super Grand Plus are anti-bacteria 3 in 1 silver dose, taste conditioners, and activated carbon which are best suited post treatment for RO.

2. Aquafresh Aqua Grand Plus


Aqua Grand Plus is a fully automatic water purifier with auto- start and auto-off option. The distinctive features of Aqua grand plus are Quartz UV filtration, 14 stages in the purification process with RO, UV, UF, Mineral Cartridge and TDS Adjuster. It is very advisable for use because of above stated features and completely safe to use as it is made of food-grade ABS plastics.

3. Aquafresh Dolphin


Dolphin water purifier of Aquafresh is an advance unit with high tech RO water purification technology. Its design is very sleek, compact and solid. It has six stages of purification process. It is very suitable for domestic use. It distinctive features are taste conditioner, SPMS technology, Auto-start and Auto-off water level sensor, which are very much needed by domestic users.

4. Aquafresh Nexus Camry


Aquafresh Nexus Camry RO water purifier is a modern technology with RO, UV, UF, and activated carbon like water purification stages. Vibrant design will enhance your kitchen interior.

5. Aqua Vivo


Aquafresh RO System is a leading company of trust, faith, safety and security. If you want to live free from all disease- causing reasons, just go with Aqua Vivo RO water purifier which has 10 stages of water purification system.

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