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Top 5 Reasons to Add Western Rugs to Your Home

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We spend most of our time in our home, so we want it to be cozy and inviting—a sanctuary of sorts to wind down from the stress of a long day. How we decorate our home plays a major role in creating this comfortable atmosphere. Area rugs especially are a great way to achieve this ambiance while also adding a bit of creative flair to your space. Many types of rugs exist, but if you’re looking for something unique, consider western rugs for the following 5 reasons.

Western Area Rugs Benefits:

They’re versatile.

Western rugs can be added to any space in your home, from your living room to your bedroom or spare bedroom to your dining room or even kitchen. They come in all different colors, sizes, styles, and materials, so no matter what décor your home has, you can find a western rug that accentuates it. They even come in different shapes—oval, rectangular, round, and runner—so that you can purchase the exact type you need for the space you have in mind. Plus, depending on what style rug you’re looking for, you can find a relatively cheap one that will allow you to add some glamour to the room without breaking the bank.

They make a statement.

With their bold colors and mesmerizing patterns, western area rugs will definitely add some character to whatever room you put them in. More elaborate western rug designs will make for a rug that is the focal point of a room. If you’re not looking for something so emphatic, any rug will add that touch of warmth that will pull the entire room together.

They connect you to a culture.

Western rugs are more than just a decorative accent. They are a representation of specific cultures, for example, Southwestern or Native-American culture. They may feature animals, geometric shapes and patterns, or floral designs. However, these designs aren’t included just for aesthetic purposes—they’re meant to be a symbol of the culture from which they derived. Including such rugs in our homes allows us to pay homage to these cultures.

They protect your existing carpet or flooring.

Throw a western area rug down, and you’re doing more than enhancing the décor of your home: You’re helping to protect the existing carpet or flooring below the rug. Area rugs are perfect for homes with smaller children who might spill food or liquids or make a mess out of, well, anything. Rugs are oftentimes easier to clean than regular carpet, and they protect hardwood flooring from scratches and damage from liquids. They’re an all-around win-win.

They reduce noise.

If you have hardwood flooring in your home, putting an area rug down will decrease the noise. They’re very useful in households with pets because they absorb noise so that you don’t hear the constant pitter-patter of your furry family members. The material likely feels better on their paws anyway (it might even feel better on your feet too!).

Western homes have been growing in popularity recently and western area rugs can really help bring your home decorating style to the next level. I would recommend going to a few stores and finding a rug you really love and then start to build the rest of your interior design around that. It’s much easier if you start with the rug so find one you love and then go from there. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with your decision to invest in a western rug for your home once you get it in and really start enjoying it in your space.