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Best bats in the world


You may have heard about ComBat, an aluminium bat used by Dennis Lillee in Perth in December 1979! Thank god, ICC later made it mandatory that the blade of the bat must be made of wood (law 6).

Cricket is gentlemen’s sport, and the players are very particular about everything in the game. Practice makes perfect, but cricketers need perfect gears too. A ball and a bat are the key components of cricket. Every batsman, based on his game plan, style, strength, and physical standards, chooses a bat that best fits his requirement. As spectators, we notice the sponsor’s logo on the bat but hardly notice its type or make.
From Monster to Mongoose, there are many different kinds of bats used in world cricket. Let us look at Top 5 Best bats in the World.

5. SG Cobra select


Sanspareils Greenlands is the No 1 manufacturer of cricketing gear in the world. It is also the biggest cricket gear brand in India. SG has a strong R & D team of famous first-class cricketers, as well as international players, as panel members. The SG Cobra select’s blade is made of the best quality English willow, while the handle is made of premium quality imported Sarawak cane which enhances control and power. It provides maximum stability due to its traditional shape. It is designed with thick edges and curved blade for all round balance and control.

It has been endorsed by Wasim Jaffer, Suresh Raina, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman.

4. GM Icon


Gunn & Moore maintains a staff of best craftsmen who work with prime English Willow to design and manufacture cricket bats in the factories that are probably the most technologically advanced in the industry. GM is the only brand that has the capability to bring together the state-of-the-art DXM technology and 125 years of experience in crafting cricket bats. GM Icon is made of the latest materials, and comes with unparalleled design. Its pick up is surprisingly light, and comes with concentrated power. It has massive edges, and flatter face. The bat has been endorsed by players like Shane Watson, Ross Taylor, Jonathan Trot and Alex Hales.

3. Gray Nicolls Viper


Gray-Nicolls, the company that manufactures some of the best bats in the industry, used coloured bat labels for the first time. The Gray-Nicolls Viper has the highest quality, and is designed to incorporate the latest bat technology. The brand has maintained the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, and the result is visible in this unique cricket equipment. It has the capability to perform at every level, because of great balance, light weight pick up and thick edge. These bats are hand finished and tested rigorously by experts. Famous cricketers who have endorsed this bat are Alastair Cook, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, David Warner, and Cameron White.

2. Adidas Incurza


Adidas is a reputed brand in the world sports, for the varied range of sporting items, from shoes, to bags, or jerseys. It also manufactures cricket bats. The Incurza is a bat that is one of the most sought after bats in international cricket. It has been designed for batsmen with strength for an attacking game-play. It has an amazing profile that flows through the increased bow and middle, with excellent pick up and balance due to great edges. It is one of the most-looking bats, crafted out of English willow, and has a sculptured shoulder. It has been endorsed by players like Ravindra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Kevin Pietersen and none other than Sachin Tendulkar.

1. Kookaburra Kahuna


Kookaburra is a cricket bat manufacturer that is widely known around the world by all cricketers. It has a wide range of bats, and the Kahuna is often considered the best bat in the lot. It combines light pick up with great power, and generates maximum impact with its clean hitting area with straight evenly spaced grains. Its accurate shape and square face, along with the edge thickness and sweet bow helps make great strokes. With its blade made of English willow of the highest grade, and the handle from 12 piece round Sarawak cane, the Kookaburra Kahuna is no doubt one of the best bats in the world, and has been endorsed by Ricky Ponting, Martin Guptill, A. B. De Villiers and the like.


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