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Top 7 Best Windows VPN to Go With


The Microsoft Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems for desktops and PC across the globe. One of the biggest reasons why people prefer to use Windows is because it is able to provide them with different options when choosing a VPN service. A Virtual Private Network or VPN helps to protect your identity while surfing the internet. It prevents online website and prying eyes over the internet to track your current location. You can also make use of VPN services to access content which might be geo-blocked or inaccessible at your location. Today, we are going to provide you with the best Windows VPN service providers which you can try installing on your devices.


NordVPN is one of the world’s largest and leading VPN service providers. Currently, this VPN service is available in over 58 different countries across the world with more than a combine 1000 different remote servers for specialized features. The organization is based out of Panama and helps you to make sure that you are always well protected over the internet. Some of the major features of NordVPN include no sharing restrictions between P2P networks, availability of dedicated IP Address functionality, dual IP Address routing and the availability to access Netflix outside the US which no other VPN service provider has managed to provide so far.


Another top rated Windows VPN service provider is the IPVanish. This VPN service provider networks is home to over 850 remote servers at around 60 different locations across the globe. The organization boasts of over 40,000+ different IP addresses and allows you to connect to a maximum of 5 different devices on the same account. The 256-bit encryption provides you with more than enough protection of your online data and the no logs policy ensures that IPVanish doesn’t store any of your data with them. While the service is priced slightly higher than most of its competitors, tests have revealed that you can get up to 20% more download speeds than normal via their networks.


TigerVPN is one of the favorites among novice VPN users because of the availability of a number of features in its free to use form. Currently, this Slovakian-based VPN service provider has established its own network in 64 different locations with at least 300 remote servers. You can use anywhere between 2-5 different devices on their network simultaneously. This network is quite friendly to P2P users with the plans coming very cheap. Additionally, TigerVPN provides you with a free 500MB free monthly plan as well. If you are looking for smaller functionalities, then it could be a good option for you because the advanced setting options in the VPN are too less.


Another VPN service provider which owns and manages its own network is the VyprVPN network provider. You are provided with an easy-to-understand and use Windows VPN app which consists of all the features and functionalities that you would require out of your VPN service provider such as the option of Kill Switch, 256-bit encryption, P2P networks, fast server selection and more. The company has managed to develop its own Chameleon technology which helps it to prevent VPN blocking. The No logs policy of the network provider ensures that none of your internet data would be stored at their end while the presence of a NAT firewall makes sure that you are well protected while using the internet.

Hotspot Shield

If you are looking for a perfect mixture of power-packed performance and competitive pricing, then Hotspot Shield is the best VPN service provider out there for Windows users. The network boasts of only 20 different server locations, which are less as compared to others on this list, but still manages to provide you access to 2000 different remote servers. The Hotspot Shield provides you protection with a number of standard security protocols such as 256-bit encryption, protocols and kill switch. You can experience higher download and upload speeds on this network than on working with your normal network. The performance levels are decent. However, you only get a limited number of configuration options with this network.


ExpressVPN provides you with the largest variety you will ever come across all VPN network providers in terms of server location with 136 different locations. These locations house to over 1000 different servers. The VPN service package from ExpressVPN includes native clients for all major operating system platforms such as Mac, Linux, iOS and Android besides Windows. Additional functions on their network include the presence of a Kill Switch, P2P support, and high performance levels. The only downfall about the ExpressVPN is that it only allows you to connect 3 different devices simultaneously. Also, this network isn’t as cheap as some of the other VPN service providers on the list.


If you want a VPN service provider in which you don’t need a lot of advanced settings to protect your settings, then the Canadian-based service provider TunnelBear could be the best option for your Windows device. Their software is very easy-to-use and has a user-friendly interface. Currently, they have over 20 different server locations across the world with almost 1000 different remote servers. The number of devices you can simultaneously attach to on their network is 5 and the availability of all the basic features at a cheap price makes it a very attractive VPN option among people.

The Last Words

VPN network service providers are in demand in the current age, especially on the Windows platform, because of the need of protecting your identity online against others. VPNs make sure that none of your data is ever exposed online as it routes all your network traffic via a different IP address via a different server location. One of the best VPN service providers available across the internet for Windows devices is the NordVPN. Its affordable plans and the exclusive range of features make it ideal for the users.



  1. ExpressVPN’s been my go-to VPN for a while. You may want to take Hotspot shield off the list — they’ve been found to keep logs.

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