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Bonk Be Live: An App that is Worth Billion Dollars | Download Now


In today’s era, almost every one of us is connected to one another through social media. This has reduced the long phone conversations and meetings to simple texts. Though these social media applications have come up to help the people to interact with each other, they are often used to flaunt the lifestyle. To make the communication better and interesting, Bonk Be Live has emerged as a self-broadcasting application that not only helps people to interact, but also helps them to reach larger audience by streaming themselves. Let’s get to know more about this stunning app.


Why Bonk Be Live is the Coolest App for the Youth?

Bonk Be Live is one of the most interesting applications available for the generation Z. With plethora of features in its trunk, the app also gives you an opportunity to become a superstar. Yes, this can happen in reality. If you have the power to make the audience spellbound with a simple interactive broadcast, Bonk Be Live is the app for you.

At the same time, Bonk Be Live is a nice way to earn a decent pocket money during your broadcast. If you have qualified for running the ads during your stream, you can surely make $50-$150 for every broadcast you do using this app.


Moreover, the broadcaster gets a chance to reach new people and make new friends around the globe by streaming on this stunning app which is worth billion dollars.

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The Rise of Bonk Be Live

Joe Bonica, the co-founder of this stunning app confirmed that after building this new live broadcasting platform, the parent company of the app – Boink Live Streaming was restructured in Delaware. Delaware is the place where 50% of the publicly-traded companies of the US are located and nearly 65% of Fortune 500 companies are operating from here.

Bonk Be Live is the just like having a TV camera in your pocket. The application has been listed as the next big player by 25+ tech companies operating in the Silicon Valley. Bonk Be Live is the result of years of efforts that has been done after studying and researching on the services offered by each of its competitors. The app has been tailored keeping the modern design in mind that is lived by the youth.


Bonk Be Live gives an opportunity to every broadcaster to make money by showing off their talents on their stream. If your stream is loved by thousands of people, there is every possible chance that you reach a large number of followers. This opens up the opportunity to earn money with every broadcast. A broadcaster can run commercials during the streams and earn 50USD-150USD for every broadcast by running a commercial of 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Moreover, the people watching the stream can send 2D and 3D virtual gifts to the broadcaster. These virtual gifts can also be exchanged for money. The virtual gifts are purchased in packages from the Bonk Be Live shop costing $2 to $215.

Bonk Be Live – an App that is worth Billion Dollars

The live streaming industry has become a multi-billion dollar business. The video live streaming business will reach to 20 billion dollars in the US itself by the year 2020. Bonk Be Live will be the name shining in the live streaming application world. It would be the place where the individuals would be able to broadcast themselves, chat, sing, or even eat while streaming from their mobile devices. And the best part will be, every individual who will broadcast will have to opportunity to earn.

Bonk Be Live is investing millions of dollars in the marketing of the app under the guidance of the bets marketing specialist Greg Gifford. Greg will be leading the way for Bonk Be Live in the US region and will be responsible for recruiting 20 million new subscribers to the app from the US. The augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and the virtual reality features to the app will make it more interesting. We can clearly witness that Bonk Be Live is really an app that is worth billion dollars in the near future.

The Final Note

Bonk Be Live is the revolution in the live streaming application industry. The app has been totally revamped and is embedded with augmented reality features. Broadcasting has now become fun. Download it on your Android or iOS device and be the next superstar.



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