What are the career prospects of doing an MBA in 2020?


A Master’s in Business Administration or an MBA is one of the most popular business degrees in today’s age. There was a time when pursuing management education was only expected of those who wanted to switch to a business or a managerial career. This was because getting an MBA degree was very expensive. However, the scenario has radically changed in the current age. This owes itself to the advancements made in all the major industrial domains. Therefore, you can enter any domain with a well-paying managerial job and know the latest trends with an MBA degree

If you are an MBA aspirant and want to know more about the career prospects of the degree, this blog can be a helpful guide. Delve into some interesting job alternatives that can be available with an MBA.

What can you do with an MBA in today’s age?

Here is a list of some of the most interesting positions that you can pursue with an MBA under your belt.

  • Healthcare Administrators: Healthcare administrators are in charge of the planning, direction, and coordination of all operations and services available in a healthcare set-up such as a hospital of a dispensary. They manage the nursing, cleaning and housekeeping staff. They also ensure that all the resources are docked up. As a healthcare administrator, you can also be required to stay updated on all the healthcare compliance laws and regulations.
  • Information Systems Managers: Information systems managers are in charge of all the IT set-up and functioning in business. This role is very significant, especially in data science companies. In this sector, malfunctioning IT can result in the loss of thousands of dollars in revenue. As an IT system manager, you will need to coordinate with your team to ensure that all the IT hardware and software are functioning optimally and solve any upcoming issues. Ensuring the security of your servers against cyber-attacks also falls under your purview.
  • Operations Research Analysts: All successful businesses involve a series of processes and operations running smoothly without interrupting each other. As an operations research analyst, you observe different processes, identify the inefficiencies and come up with robust strategies to improve them. This role requires excellent organizational skills, a keen eye for detail and expertise on different business operations.
  • Management Analysts: The job of a management analyst is quite similar to an operations research analyst. However, there is one key difference. Management analysts improve the managerial techniques and approaches employed in the company to then improve the general level of productivity among the employees. As a management analyst, you can work either in a freelance capacity or as part of an organization.

What Else?

Apart from these roles, you can also explore your career as a managerial accountant, accountancy officer, college dean, financial analyst, or IT director or a C-level executive such as a CEO or a COO.

Pursuing an MBA can not only help you gain managerial expertise in the domain of your choice but also provide you with an extensive set of transferable skills you can use in any domain. You should enroll in an MBA program today for a bright management career in the future.