When You Know It’s Time to Lawyer Up


The legal profession is a very sizable and important field that employs hundreds of thousands of people across the country. While most people would prefer to avoid bringing in a lawyer to handle everything, there are still many situations when having legal representation should be considered a necessity. There are several situations in particular when you need to have an attorney by your side. This is to ensure you are properly represented.

Police Ask Questions

The first situation when it is important that you get a lawyer by your side is if you are ever asked questions about a crime. Criminal defense lawyers can provide a wide range of important services, the most important of which is ensuring you avoid self-incrimination. Even if you are only brought in as a witness to a crime, you should call a criminal defense attorney before you speak with law enforcement. Why would you do that if you’ve done nothing wrong? Police are incredibly creative when it comes to asking questions.

Injured and Can’t Settle

Being involved in an accident can be very hard to deal with, especially if you’re injured and on the hook for medical bills. Most of the time, the person at fault will admit their mistake and their insurance will cover the damages. However, there are situations when this does not happen. If this occurs, you need to find an injury attorney to handle your case. When you do this, the attorney will take over communications and negotiations for you. If necessary, they can take the other party to court by filing a lawsuit.

IRS Inquires About Past Taxes

Paying taxes is an inevitability for all people. While most people know that they need to pay their taxes on an annual basis, the complexity of the tax law can easily lead to mistakes. Even if you make an innocent mistake, the IRS could still consider it to be an act of fraud. If you are audited or accused of lying on your taxes, having a tax attorney by your side will be beneficial, if not critical. These attorneys can help to clarify your situation and determine if you are past due. If you are, they can help to negotiate a more favorable repayment plan and lower overall penalty.

Purchasing or Selling Real Estate

Real estate is the biggest purchase and investment that most people will ever own. Along with this, it comes with a lot of legal documents between the mortgage, title and purchase agreement. Since there is a lot of legal complexity that comes with a real estate purchase, you need to make sure that you have a lawyer assisting you. They can handle the preparation of the documentation and review of documents that have been received.

Filing Bankruptcy

If someone is in severe financial challenges, filing bankruptcy is a good idea. If you are going to do this, it is important to hire an attorney. A bankruptcy attorney is extremely important as they will properly file all documents and ensure you are represented in front of your creditors.

While there are many situations in life in which having a lawyer may not be necessary, it is important to know when you need to bring in the experts. These situations are great examples of when having a lawyer by your side should be considered a necessity. In these cases, your attorney will represent you and ensure your rights are met.