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Cheapest places to travel around the world


Is it possible to travel comfortably for as little as $20 a day? Well, if you exclude the cost of flight, you can manage a decent tour in many places around the world.

Here is our pick of top 5 cheapest places to travel around the world. Though these will not cost you much to travel, but their charm and exoticness is priceless.

Cheapest places to travel around the world :

Of course, which country is the absolute cheapest, is a debatable topic but our list definitely includes the most inexpensive destinations around.

Previously, we have included Nepal as one of the cheap places to travel, but later it was removed due to the recent earthquake destruction. We pray, sooner Nepal will restore its warmth as a great tourist attraction.

5. Bolivia

Cheapest places to travel Bolivia

Bolivia, the Tibet of the Americas, is a backpacker’s dreamland.

Taking photos in the Salar de Uyuni, biking the world’s most dangerous road in La Paz, sightseeing in world’s highest lake Titicaca, taking tour through the silver mines of Spanish Empire, or crossing into Peru via Lake Titicaca -you can do all of the super cheap in Bolivia.

For example, you can find a decent bed in $5 – 6 range, a set meal for about $3 and a bottle of Paceña beer costs less than £1.

Bolivia offers very low cost adventure sports like mountain climbing, mountaineering and trekking. Even you can try paragliding in both Cochabamba and La Paz.


4. Indonesia

Cheapest places to travel Indonesia

Places like Bali are high spending but spread slightly further inland and prices drop dramatically. .
For instance, try Ubud, neighbouring Lombok or the island of Sumatra. Even further beyond, the more exploratory traveller will find a lot of places around Indonesia that are still relatively untouched by tourism and blessed with local prices.

Similar to Thailand, food in Indonesia is also very tasty and affordable. At the night market, You can still get a plate of delicious nasi goreng (rice with vegetables, chicken and egg) for around $2!


3. India

Cheapest places to travel India

Though shopping designer clothes in Mumbai’s malls or a weeklong stay in an international hotel in Delhi is more costly than you imagine, but It is a massive country where cost of living is very low in some provinces.

India is such a diversified country where almost nothing will be hard on your wallet even if you travel first class on the trains, take local tour in taxis, lunch at a dhaba or a lazy sunbath with a chilled beer on the sea beach. From palace cities of Rajasthan to god’s own country Kerala, from world’s most famous tomb Taj Mahal to the Himalayas… you can live like a king spending $20 per day only.
Moreover, Indian street food is not only delicious, but also costs as low as $1-2 only !


2. Nicaragua

Cheapest places to travel Nicaragua

Troubled by political and civil unrest for a long time, Nicaragua today is very much stable and open for tourism—and becoming increasingly popular. Right now it may well be the cheapest place to travel in Central America, even cheaper than Honduras.
Nicaragua is one of our favourite destinations to travel because there is so much to see and do in that country. Even better is that you can do everything for dirt cheap prices.

Basic rooms can be found for around $10 a night even in the most touristy town of San Juan Del Sur.
Local breakfast in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, is available for just $2-3 or a dinner meal for $4 – 5 only. You can have very inexpensive sea food here. From lobster to red snapper, all within your budget.


1. Cambodia

Cheapest places to travel Cambodia

Cambodia is among the cheapest places to travel around the world where you can get a decent bed for $4-5 only. School leavers, backpackers and, increasingly, holidaymakers are travelling here for five-star luxury without the price tag.

Taking a multi-day ticket at UNESCO world heritage site ‘Angkor Wat temple’ can cost mere dollars. Angkor Wat is in Seam Riep. The temple site is so large that it will make you feel like an explorer!
From the capital Phnom Penh to island of Koh Rong, so many places and so much to do in very reasonable price.



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