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Places outside India where INR will make you feel rich


Places outside India where INR will make you feel rich :

Indian tourists get a very crappy exchange rate when they travel abroad to popular tourist destinations where they have to be price conscious about everything. The States, the UK and a couple of other places have come to symbolise the world for us. There’s no denying that there are places you can go to and things you can see with our own INR that will make you feel like a total king and the Trendingtop5 will guide you. Check out Top5 ‘Places outside India where INR will make you feel rich’ .

1. Hungary


1 INR = 4.31 Hungarian Forint

Once the center of European power, Hungary is now a great place to get a crash course in history. Budapest has the most amazing architecture in the world and it will literally make your jaw drop.

Hungary is one of the most important tourist destinations in Central and Eastern Europe welcoming more than 1 million visitors each year. Hungary has several options for staying in hotels for as low as Rs 700 a night – rooms which have a bed, tv and fridge, right in Budapest. Trains ply for nominal amounts and the place itself is beautiful, so go check it out quick.

Some useful words: jo napot (good day), kurva eletbe (FML).

What to look out for: The magical city of Budapest.

What to try: Goulash, yup you’ve probably heard of it before, but this is the original.

2. Costa Rica

Tenorio Waterfall, Costa Rica

1 INR = 8.36 Costa Rican Colón

Costa Rica is more than a vacation destination; it is an interactive sensory experience. This Latin American country is a favourite destination for travellers who love a tropical setting with sun, sand and jungles. Ditch Goa for once and find your way to Costa Rica! It gives you majestic volcanoes, misty cloud forests, stunning river valleys, and hundreds of beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Some useful words: Hola (Hello), vayase al demonio (go to hell).

What to look out for: Costa Rica has amazing beach resorts. Just imagine Thailand in a Latin American setting.

What to try: Refrescos Naturales, tropical fruit smoothies.

3. Bolivia

Mt Huayna Potosi 1

9.28 INR = 1 Boliviano

This landlocked South American country has a fascinating history along with a landscape of contrasts. Hotels in Bolivia are insanely cheap, so if you plan on heading there for a bit of sightseeing, don’t delay. Hit up Rurrenabaque, a small town with a jungle and river close by. A great place to drink, eat and stay for pocket friendly prices, despite the currency difference. They’ve even got hot springs!

Some useful words and phrases: Hola! (hello), usted habla ingles? (Do you speak English), cojudo (dumbass).

What to look out for: The diversity in the country’s population reflects the diversity in landscape.

What to try: Cheese empanadas.

4. Paraguay


1 INR = 80.08 Guarani

Bolivia’s southern neighbour, Paraguay, is also an interesting nation that reflects the mystique of the South American heartlands and the Amazon basin. One Paraguayan Guarani is equal to 0.01 INR. If that doesn’t pique your interest, there’s also the fact that Paraguay is the CHEAPEST country in the world, according to a survey by Mercer. This means the rent is cheap, the food is cheaper ( and we all know cheap food tastes better) and the beer is practically free. Go now!

Some useful words: Haku eterei! (It’s hot!), che haku (I’m hot).

What to look out for: The lively waterfront area of Encarnación has earned a reputation as one of Paraguay’s major tourist destinations. Locals flock to the beach during the summer season (December to February), which is brought to a close by the biggest carnival in the country.

What to try: Terere a traditional herb infused drink that has been around for a very long time.

5. Belarus


1 INR = 236.69 Belarusian Ruble

Good news for people who really want to experience Europe on a shoestring budget! The Ruble, which is the currency to this landlocked country, actually clocks in at 0.0042INR. That is quite a blessing, as you can soak in the culture in their museums and visit quaint and charming cafes at prices that seem like they’re still in the Soviet era. There’s lakes and forests and all kinds of other attractions, so just give up on your preconceived notions of Eastern Europe. If you want to feel like you’re in Russia but pay a lower price for it all, you’ve made the best decision of your life to come here.

ome useful words: zdravstvujtie (means “hello”, I’m not joking!), dziakuj (thank you), praklon (dammit!).

What to look out for: Brest Fortress (I can tell you just got disappointed when you saw a different spelling).

What to try: Draniki, which are thick pancakes made from grated potatoes with various stuffings served with sour cream.


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