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Why to Choose Muay Thai training in Thailand and weight loss in holiday


There are different reasons why people choose to travel to Thailand and train Muay Thai. Some people have a deep passion for the combat sports, and other people are preparing for their upcoming fight. There are also others who enroll on the training camp to lose weight and keep their body in perfect shape. You will be surprised to know that not all people who go to this country to learn the combat sport are professional fighters. There are also people who just want to get fit and healthy.


Achieving a Dramatic weightloss with the Help of Muay Thai:

It is not that uncommon to see people achieve a dramatic result once they sign-up for an intensive Muay Thai training at the local camp. Training normally takes up to 5 hours per day. However, their weight loss cannot be solely attributed to the exercise alone. Here are some of the related factors that will help you achieve a perfect shape.

Muay Thai Diet

Simply because you are doing cardio exercise and Muay Thai training will not ensure that you will lose weight. Local camps have strict rules when it comes to diet. They make certain that you will not eat more calories than what you can burn. People can exhaust their energy on learning the different moves, but if they are ingesting more calories, it would be impossible for them to shed some pounds.

Regulating the daily calorie intake is still the most essential part. You will need to figure out first your body’s caloric requirement. You should also count your meal calories and create a meal plan where the total calories are slightly under your calorie maintenance. Finally, you should monitor the progress of your diet plan and do some adjustment only when necessary.

LSD Cardio

Cardio exercises are done at least three times per week. This exercise is apart from Muay Thai training that is being conducted every day. A mixture of LSD cardio exercise such as skipping rope and running will not only boost your stamina but will also help you on your weight loss journey. At a minimum, you should at least run for 30 minutes which will burn 400 to 600 calories. Travelling to Thailand will encourage you to run every day since most people in the camp will run 2 times daily.

Quality of Training

The quality of your Muay Thai exercise also plays a role on your ability to lose weight. When you are training at the camp, you will see people talking while doing their routine and punching the heavy bags without any enthusiasm. However, there are also individuals who are doing it like they mean it. Their stamina and performance are definitely higher than other people, and they will also burn more calories. You daily session will help you burn 1,200 calories on the average, but it can increase up to 1,500 calories depending on the quality. Suwit Muay Thai and perfect teacher have many Muay Thai programs to help you and the camp is at the good location.


For an overall weight loss program, training Muay Thai in Thailand is the better solution. It is packed with different factors that can help you burn excess fat and keeps your body fit.