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Choose Top 5 Android Games to Play on Mobile Phones


Your sophisticated android handset must be a popular video parlor and gaming portal for fun. Youngsters and oldies are interested to download new games like skyrim Google Play store. That’s why; people have the awesome pleasure to use their handsets for installing top 5 Android games on Android devices.

If you want more thrill and more fun then you can download mods apk for these android games. You can download it from various sites like DownloadModsApk. Surely you will experience a better gaming.


People have made awe-inspiring comments on Crashland. It is a game for young teens who must be overwhelmed to play such a nice adventurous game. Crashland is action loaded with spices of the thrill to boost up children to meet celestial bodies and entities coming from the different planet. The story is well written. The background music is excellent. This virtual game for android customers was released by Butterscotch Shenanigans. Collect the game from Google play store to spend weekends without hassle.

Shadow Fight 3 Version

Shadow Fight 3 edition is a perfect game for brave children. If you like the battle, bloodshed melee and exchange of gunfire, you should install Shadow Fight 3 on your sleek android touch screen mobile handset. The valor, manliness, and showcase of muscle power must be powerful components of this mobile game. Fighters are extremely competent to retaliate for self-defense. The specialties in Shadow Fight 3 lie in the gorgeous presentation of fictitious images, wonderful graphics, and sound. The color display is majestic and people are surprised to see various styles and methods of chasing for victory. Android customers have to learn the basics of fighting and this game will guide them in this connection.


Minecraft is a classic sandbox game which was created by Markus, a Swedish national. Later it was innovated by Mojang. Minecraft game mods are varied with multiple features. Modify the gaming infrastructure and ambiance by adding new modes. For instance, Minecraft survival mode is used to manage hunger by building up a strong warehouse to store food. Go to Minecraft site to track online maps and various mods. Minecraft brings excitement, suspense, adventure and thrill to gamers who want to go for the expedition. In a strange world, you have hidden treasure and resources to gather. Minecraft is a colorful game and its glossiness with classic characterization must not be forgotten. Minecraft is available on Google Play store. It supports Android and pc as well. Minecraft game is available to attract everybody.

Lineage II

Gamers have no time to leave their seats as Lineage II MMORPG game is being played in full swing. It is a holy epic war for trust, honesty, thrill, and self-protection. Fortress must be snatched from foes. Warriors are not found backtracking in fear. They are bold and proactive to invade. Lineage ii is suitable for Android fans who challenge their opponents on the virtual platform. Every inch is important for them. So, to have real-time pleasure, activate Lineage II on your mobile phone. You have to arrange or upgrade 4.4 Android OS for the activation of Lineage II. It is a top online game to enable anyone to test his bravery.

Rush Fire

God knows how the man becomes so dangerous to struggle for existence and supremacy. Rush Fire renews your mood. You are now the powerful man to fight against monsters, goblins, and militants. The arsenal of weapons and many sophisticated devices must give you support to stand firm against enemies. Rush Fire is built up in the 3d format with a number of interesting modes to operate. Design new plans and go for raids and recurrent air strikes. Non-stop gun firing must heat up young players. It is one of the top-notch games to play on android. Rush Fire Mod APK offers you more versatility than the normal Rush Fire game.

Some Final Words

Well, Google plays store has the inventory and it has also restrictions to limit the game download. Android customers have to purchase these expensive games from Google Play store. To avoid hacking, Google Play store doesn’t allow non-android customers.

Experts give alternative methods to download free games which are decoded at 9apps for android fans. This is a different repository where you will have same feature-rich role-playing multimedia games to activate. Basically, jailbroken technology minimizes the method of installing new games which are not original. However, jailbreaking is not fully legal. Google Play store has upgraded its site to prevent the hacking.

Therefore, choose the top sites for having useful technical support to collect jailbroken software. Advanced games will be reloaded at Google play stores for 2018. So, wait for having new versions of these wonderful 5 games with the handful of unknown options for game playing. Meanwhile, check current game reviews to learn about free download process and operating systems. Fun is unlimited and people will not be bored at the time of meeting their best heroes on Android home screen.