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Five Browser based Photo Editing Apps : Similar to Photoshop


It is very interesting to furnish a product to give a new look. Especially when it is a picture. Because

“A picture can tell a thousand words”

So, it is desired to design it properly. In the current era of massive technological advancement, so many photo editing apps are developed to derive the better clarity. let’s pay some attention to those.

Adobe Photoshop has over the years taken masses by surprise. The features and tools it offers to the designers, as well as the users, is quite excellent. Recognizing the fact what you can do with Adobe Photoshop, is remarkable. Whether creating the graphics or editing photos, with tools such advanced you can completely change how a photo is supposed to look as compared to how it really is.

Though the thing to worry is not everyone has access to Photoshop nor downloading the Photoshop. In this scenario what should you be doing?

What to do?

Well, as long as we are here you need not worry about anything. You can prefer browser based apps, to edit your photos and manipulating graphics at will. That is why in this post we are going to be discussing five browser based photo editors, which you should look up at as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. The list is as follows:

    1. Online Photoshop Free:

This Web based Photoshop Free Similar editor is the best browser based photo editor for every internet user. It comes to great help in case you don’t have access to Adobe Photoshop. Not only is that it also a good alternative to Photoshop. Making things easier than before, and easily accessible for users to edit, manipulate and create the graphics. With a user-friendly interface, editing photos can never be easy without it.


2. FreePhotoTool:

Second on our list is FreePhotoTool which look looks just like an online photoshop. An open source web editor for photos and also creating graphics. You can access this tool from any operating system since it is a cross platform web app designed solely with the aim of making photo editing common among masses. And making the designing easier.
All you got to do is visit the web app, and with such simple interface, you will figure your way around on your own easily.

 3. Photopea:

Photopea seems to be handy for users even if they are handling other formats such as XCF and sketch formats other than PSDs. Which makes it more versatile and tangible to be handled. The way it offers an interactive interface to users, it remarkable. With tools and features all enough to suffice your necessities and able enough to get the job done for you.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor:

What can be a better alternative to Adobe Photoshop other than the Adobe Photoshop Express Editor? Yes, the people behind both are the same. Both versions have different capabilities but the primary basic set of features is the same for both of them. Making Adobe Photoshop Express Editor a reliable, and potential candidate for you picking up as a regular tool. Get your job done, with ease.

5. FreePhotoEditor:

Free Photo Editor is the last browser based free photoshop app to feature in our post. It can offer you wide range of tools that are found to be present in Adobe Photoshop. Best with creating graphics, infographics, banners and even logos. Editing photos is a major reason to be using this Web App. With features that are primarily similar to be reportedly found in Adobe Photoshop.

Hope these online photo editing apps will help you to experience a better photo editing similar to Adobe photoshop. If you have some more collections, You can comment below.