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Complete Your Next Golden Triangle Tour | Choose Top 5 Opulent Hotels


There are many gorgeous destinations and exotic places in India.  National tourism and leisure industry are rapidly thriving in many classic cities like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Mumbai.   Frankly speaking, travelers have to book luxurious hotels, and resorts for longer accommodation to spend holidays nicely.  List of top-notch five hotels in your upcoming Golden Triangle tour should be evaluated before online room booking.

Hyatt Regency Gurgaon

Be romantic with few wonderful moments to enjoy with your cute sweetheart on your Honeymoon vacation. You and your beloved soul mate should have cool ambiance to feel the heavenly bliss.  Hyatt Regency Gurgaon is one of the five-star hotels with superb architectural elegance and luster.

This hotel has over 500 rooms for entertaining visitors.  Customers have awesome opportunities to stay their best hotel rooms without feeling awkwardly bored. Hyatt Regency has something uncommon and special for customers.   The Large hotel room is environment-friendly and cozy.  The indoor decoration is really eye-catching.  King size double beds must give couples enough space for adventurous exploration.

Well, customers are welcomed cordially by representatives of Hyatt.   Through online room reservation, you will be able to have the permission to use the luxurious hotel rooms.   Hyatt Regency Gurgaon is attractive.  There are bundles of facilities to lure visitors for pre-booking fashionable eco-friendly suits in this hotel.

Ranging from money transfer/ATM machine, transportation, concierge, spa, discotheque, shopping arcade, mini bar and restaurant to vehicle parking lot, you are lucky to have fun during off-days.  Change your taste buds, by having savory dish containing Chinese cuisine, patisserie, confectionaries and regional tasty snacks. Your visits to Gurgaon in Delhi will be a model to your juniors. They will be inspired to visit Delhi and decide to book such a nice five-star resort.

Do skincare, wellness, and health management while making stays inside the hotel.  Experts will train you how to take Sauna bath. Professional masseurs do ultra light body massaging for tuning up muscles and skin.  Complete your city tour peacefully.


Hotel Mughal Sheraton, Agra

On your Golden Triangle tour, don’t miss the chance of visiting Agra to encounter with remaining of Mughal Dynasty.   Sky-kissing palaces, tombs, and towers were established by emperors of Mughal.  Taj Mahal, Fort Sikandra Fatehpur Sikri, Itimad-Ud-Daulah and various mosques built up by kings at different times. Golden city navigation package must inspire you to visit these heritage buildings and palaces to boost up your mood after leading monotonous lifestyle in your home city.

Well,  Sheraton resort in Agra is now a real hotspot to young and aged visitors.  The dynamic infrastructural luster and elegance of this 5-stars hotel must enchant viewers.  This deluxe hotel is located at Taj Ganj in Agra.  It is very close to a national airport and railway station.  The charisma of the red colored building must be awe-inspiring.  For brilliant interior décor emulating the glossy Mughal infrastructural style, this hotel has owned the prestigious Aga Khan reward with a citation.

In a brief, this luxurious resort has 285 large and spacious hotel rooms.  Modern furniture pieces and interior décor items are installed to innovate the look of the five-star resort. Besides, customers are given easy shuttle transportation, concierge service, car parking and indoor shopping facility.

Mughal Sheraton resort is simply a masterpiece to international tourists and VIPs.  Internet browsing, spa centers, boutiques, wellness hub, discotheque, mini-cafeteria, restaurant cum bar must be included to make the hotel much presentable to elite society.  Dining labs offer mouthwatering dishes including Chinese and continental cuisine.

Simultaneously, Maikhana is a world-famous lobby bar which provides spicy and cool beverages at competitive prices.  Online pre-booking reduces the stress of busy customers who have the impetus to discover embedded secrets lying in Agra.

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Umaid Bhawan Palace


Over 26 acres green and succulent grass-land, Umaid Bhawan Palace has been founded in brick and mortar.  It is an opulent five-star hotel in Jodhpur.  The government has declared it as the heritage resort for its uniqueness and luster.    Golden yellow marbles were used to reconstruct the building which is the zenith of attraction.

Royalty mixes with aristocracy to impress visitors who are extremely pleased to book hotel rooms of Umaid Bhawan Palace in Rajasthan.  Risala dining portal is open with dishes selected specially to tempt orthodox oriental food connoisseurs.   Dine with your sweetheart secretly.   Often stray peacocks are seen dancing spraying their large wings.

It is a mind-blowing episode to a teenage visitor.   Have the full landscape view of Mehrangarh Fort sitting in Umaid Bhawan Palace located in Jodhpur. This resort is the symbol of elitism and imperialism to attract rich people to have a marvelous experience. Umaid Bhawan is also considered as one of the Best places to visit in Jodhpur.

Avoid the rush hours; opt for pre-room reservation via internet.   Ask for a guide how to reach this five-star luxury resort easily.


The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur


The mesmerizing look of Oberoi Udaivilas located in the city of Udaipur compels young generation to move to this brilliant place for the overwhelming expedition. The cold breeze coming from Pichola Lake must be a strong appetizer to fill up the heart with delight.  The sight-seeing of fantastic domes and flower garden must give space for relief from frustration.

Wall paintings,  large glass reflectors,  mosaic floors,  swimming pool, spa center, and delicate embroidery of the sophisticated living room must not be steered clear of.    Invite your elite guests, VIPs and foreign delegates for midnight dinner.

You will get both European and Indian dishes at affordable prices.  Your next Golden Triangle outdoor expedition pack must match your taste.


Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur


Jaipur is a pink city and people are found rushing towards the city airport to leave for Jaipur.   Once upon a time, brave kings and Jaipur princes ruled the city. They established a number of splendid palaces, shrines, domes, and towers.   Taj Rambagh Palace is a top five-star hotel which accommodates people. The amazing beauty of this resort energizes visitors to book rooms of this resort for having unlimited fun and pleasure.   It is a heritage establishment.   Experts claim that Sawaj Mansingh II, Maharaja of Jaipur, used this palace for the romantic journey with Gayatri Devi.  Right now, this hotel has been inaugurated to beckon visitors for

It is a heritage establishment.   Experts claim that Sawaj Mansingh II, Maharaja of Jaipur, used this palace for the romantic journey with Gayatri Devi.  Right now, this hotel has been inaugurated to beckon visitors for staying purposes.  Inside the sky kissing resort, the beautifully sculpted water fountain soothes burning eyes of the exhausted travelers.    Precious finishing and ornamentation in hotel décor must revive the sensual pleasure of dudes.   Dine with someone bosom at ‘Suvarna Mahal’ restaurant to have enriched culinary effect.

Dine with someone bosom at ‘Suvarna Mahal’ restaurant to have enriched culinary effect.


All these top five hotels are crowded when there is a terrific flow of tourists. Therefore, gather information when to pre-book hotel rooms and enjoy the uninterrupted romantic venture.  Golden Triangle trip will come to an end after completing the cycle of holiday vacation. Check reviews and recent blogs on the hotel booking, and tourism in major cities of India.