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5 Great Inventions By Indians | Less known in India!

great inventions by indians crucible steel

India has been a prominent center of learning since ancient times. The land was one of the most advanced regions in various fields of science.The Indian subcontinent has been a major contributor to the world and has excelled in fields of astronomy, numerology, arithmetic, mineralogy, metallurgy, logic, information and technology. Some of the inventions even date back to as early as the Indus Valley Civilization. Historical evidences and excavations by archaeologists ascertain the dominance of India in the field of science and technology. Here are 5 great inventions by Indians.

Unknown Inventions By Indians:

Crucible Steel

High-quality steel has been produced in South India since ancient times. The technique used to manufacture it was later on called the crucible technique. Pure wrought iron was first put together with glass and charcoal in a container and was heated till the metal melted and absorbed the carbon.

History of metallurgy in South Asia – Wikipedia – The first crucible steel was the wootz steel that originated in India before the beginning of the common era. 



India was the first nation to have a dock that dated back to 2400 BCE. People belonging to the Harappa Civilization were the first to build a dock in Lothal. This proves their immense understanding of oceanology and marine engineering. The Lothal Dock proves their precision and vast knowledge about tidal waves and hydrography. Without having a thorough knowledge of these topics, it is impossible to build a dock. Lothal still considered as one of the historical places in India.


Crown Koh-i-noor Diamond
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – APRIL 19: The Crown Of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (1937) Made Of Platinum And Containing The Famous Koh-i-noor Diamond Along With Other Gems. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Diamonds were first mined in India. Huge deposits of diamonds were found in Central India and it gradually developed as a precious stone. India till 18th century was the only country where diamonds were found and were later on exported to other countries. Indians were well aware of the physical properties of diamond like its durability, ability to cut other hard surfaces, sparkling effect and the refractive property. Various ancient books have mentioned mythical cities in India where the use of diamond as a tool and have also mentioned the exquisiteness of this sparkling stone.

Fiber optics


Named as one of the 7 ‘Unsung Heroes’ by Fortune Magazine, Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany, is widely recognized as the ‘Father of Fiber Optics’ for his pioneering work in Fiber Optics technology.

There is always a debate, who invented Charles K. Kao or Narinder Singh Kapany? Like all other great invention Fiber Optics also went through many good hands. But Kapany 1st demonstrated it and coined the name – Fiber Optics.

Flush Toilets


Flush toilet is one of the great inventions by Indians, were first used in the Indus Valley Civilization. These existed in most homes and were connected to a sophisticated sewage mechanism. The civilization was prominent in hydraulic engineering.

Such high class sanitary function and citywide sewage system, at that ancient time, is unimaginable. Ironically, in India, flush toilet often called ‘Western Style’!

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