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Top 5 Latest Technology News

updated on 14.09.2016

latest technology news

The invention of the wheel….Probably this is the first step of human beings to enter the new era of technology. since the beginning, we are trying to upgrade the technological aspects to open up new opportunities. Nowadays the progression of technology has reached miles away from the past, and this is expected. Because technology update is an ever changing process which will flourish the recent technology. We have to equip ourselves with the latest technology news to understand the world shaped by technology.

In the recent past, we have witnessed some breathtaking latest technology which will make some big impact on human civilization.

Latest Tech News

Here we have picked up top 5 latest science and technology news those are absolute in the bunch.

   1. DNA App Store :

latest technology news dna app store

Helix, a San Francisco–based company has fabricated the first “app store” for genetic information. You are thinking that actually what the matter is. Let’s explain briefly….The company will collect a saliva sample of the customer who will buy the app. then they will sequence and analyze the customers’ genes and finally convert into digital form for accessing through software. It is a modern craft pattern for DNA sequencing by which you can easily approach to your genetic information through online. Customers will find these apps on websites and probably in the Android and Apple app stores as per company’s claim.

   2. Radio telescope for the alien hunt :

latest technology news FAST telescope

As a result of dedicated research in radio astronomy, China has manufactured the world’s 2nd largest single-aperture radio telescope for the detailed research of pulsars and the brief investigation about the existence of alien life in the universe. They have installed the telescope in Guizhou Province in southwest China. The name of this telescope is FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope). Can you imagine that the radio telescope has 500 mt? aperture length, by which it can listen to the radio waves up to 1,000 light-years away !!! It’s working frequency range is 70 MHz to 3.0 GHz. As a large aperture size, It can detect weaker radio signals at farther distances.The project has been completed in July 2016 and costs near about US$180 million!!!

If you are interested in technologies which are going to rule the future then check out the journey of 3doodler to Lix. 3Doodler is first 3d printing pen of the world. You can literally make 3d object with this revolutionary 3d pen. It brings high quality and creativity with it. From 3doodler to Lix journey of 3d pen is like a rollercoaster.


3. DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner :

latest technology news DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner

A good news for the every dieter….Now you can divulge the nutritional value of the food by scanning its chemical composition. So you can choose what to take or not. It is a small, Bluetooth-connected molecular sensor called SCiO. DietSensor has been awarded the CES 2016 Best of Innovation as a first instant nutrition coach with sensors.  SCiO can analyze food substances by their molecular interaction with light, it is called the near-infrared spectroscopy. Thus Dietsensor can determine the chemical characteristic of food and beverages. It can analyze only one piece of the food at a time and uses a multi-step application to perform it. You can get it through online purchasing.

    4. Bio-hybrid Stingray Robot :

latest technology news stingray robot

Researchers of Harvard University’s Department of Bio-engineering and Applied Sciences have created a small swimming robot, which is designed to mimic a stingray. It is a composed product of biological tissues and machinery. The biological cells are taken from rat hearts. Instead of a biological actuator, a complex propulsion mechanism triggered by light is used to produce the movement of the stingray. Actually, the cells are genetically engineered to react to light and that technology helps the bio-bot to be navigated around hurdles. Pulses of light are used to steer the robot to the left or right, and altering the wavelengths controls its speed. The machine can swim over a distance of about 9.85 inches (250 mm) at a speed of about 0.06 inches (1.5 millimeters)/ second. This research can push the field forward to build replacement organs for sick persons.

   5. Ehang Passenger Drone :

latest technology news Ehang Passenger Drone


It is not for any Surveillance purpose or delivering packages….It’s only for you. Now you can travel through the air without a pilot by a drone made by Chinese manufacturer Ehang. It is the world’s first passenger-carrying drone. It is a one-seater vehicle and passenger will enter their place of destination in a 12-inch touch screen located in front of the seat. The vehicle’s computer system would then calculate the quickest and safest route and transport its passenger there. It is a medium-short distance transportation operated by the battery pack. The drone can attain a maximum speed of 100 km per hour and an altitude of 3,400 meters.

Some other breath taking technology to enrich your knowledge.

Reusable rocketsChevy BoltSegway Advanced Personal RobotTesla Autopilot, “Augmented reality” in a mobile device. 

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