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What Should be The Healthy Breakfast: The First Step Of Your Healthy Living


All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

– John Gunther 

It is often said that the beginning should be solid and steady for a good performance. This is also true for our everyday living. Morning should be a decent one to spend a perfect day. A perfect and healthy Breakfast is the essential part of a decent morning. So, your first meal of the day should be the best one to spend a healthy day as well as a healthy life.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no doubt. However, you must make the right choice to get all the benefits. This write-up will concentrate on healthy breakfast recipes you should consider so as to get all the benefits breakfast can offer. Aside from showing you the right types of food to choose for breakfast, we will also inform you about those foods to avoid.

First and foremost, what are the benefits of eating breakfast?

Are you in little bit hurry in the morning session and often think about to skip the main course of your breakfast? This will be one of the worst decision you have ever taken!! Many studies reveal that, if you skip your breakfast, some essential nutrients will not be compensated through out the other mills of the day.


You should know the benefits of taking a healthy breakfast.

•  It prevents weight gain
•  It will make you happy all day long
•  It reduces the risk of having Type 2 diabetes
•  It boosts short-term memory

Furthermore, what should you consider when choosing healthy breakfast recipes?

•  It should contain vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and protein; at least, it should contain three of these.
•  The quantity to take depends on your diet goals, level of activity and age.
•  A plate of healthy breakfast should contain about 50% of vegetables or fruits, 25% of carbohydrates and 25% of protein.
•  Do not force yourself to eat breakfast if you are not feeling hungry, lest you gain weight.

Next, what are the foods you should avoid when choosing healthy breakfast recipes?

The Bad Choices 

•  Granola bars
•  Biscuit with gravy
•  Processed cheese
•  Hash browns
•  Sausage
• Bacon
Why are they considered to be bad? They contain either high sugar or saturated fat, which are not good for your heart.

So, which are the good foods to consider for breakfast? They are highlighted below:

The Good Choices


•  Smoothies: It is a meal on the go. You can add frozen or fresh fruit, as well as yogurt for protein. Adding some kale or spinach will equally supply vitamins and lutein.
•  Peanut butter: Two grams of peanut butter contain 8 grams of protein, which represents about 20% of daily protein requirement for an adult. Furthermore, it is rich in unsaturated fat.
•  Wholegrain bread, oatmeal or cereal: It can lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure. It is rich in fiber, 5% of which can supply your energy need for the day. Choose milk containing 1% or less fat for your cereal. However, avoid whole-grain cereal rich in sugar if you are watching your weight.
•  Eggs: It contains up to 212mg of cholesterol. Note that the cholesterol in an egg does not increase “bad” blood cholesterol since it is not saturated fat. Furthermore, an egg contains 6 grams of protein and 70 calories. It is equally rich in vitamins and lutein that protect the eyes from diseases.

That’s all about the healthy breakfast you should consider as the first meal of your day. If you have some additional ideas, please let us know by commenting below.