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Let me ask you a question. Who built this building, Burj Khalifa (2717 feet, 160+ floors) in Dubai – currently the world’s tallest building? Don’t know!! Okay, then what about this one. Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia. Well it turns out Samsung built all those scyscrapers. Sometimes when you look beneath the surface, fact is often stranger than fiction.

1. The Beginning


Samsung was founded in 1938, with approximately $27 at the time by Lee Chull in Korea when the second world war was about to break up. This little trading company that dealt with local groceries and had 40 employees. At the time, the company produced noodles then expended into sugar and then wool. By the late 1950s, the company had moved into insurnce, securities and retail. In the late 1960s samsung moved into electronics and the first ever product produced by samsund electronics was actually a 12-inch black-and-white TV in 1970. By 1983, the first samsung computer had arrived.In the end they became one of the most versatile companies in world history.

Now you must be thinking, just how big is Samsung and what else are they involved in? Well make yourself comfortable guys and get ready to be surprised because Samsung is much bigger than you think.

2. Present Day


Since 1993, Samsung Electronics has been the largest producer of memory chips in the world. In fact the oridinal iphone and numerous other devices run on Samsung manufactured chips. In addition to this, Samsung became the world’s laggest smartphone manufacturer.

Starting from 2006, Samsung remained the largest television manufacturer in the world. They are also the largest manufacturers of LCD panels and today, 98% at the amoled screen market is dominated by Samsung.

3. More employees than many big companies


Samsung has 490,000 employees, more employees than apple, google and microsoft combined.

In 1995 Samsung invested $2 million into the clothing brand FUBU. Just as though about to get wonder, FUBU has generated $6 billion.

4. In Terms Of Money


Well the company made $305 billion in revenue in 2014. So, is that good or not so good? We need a bit of yardstick here. Now apple actually made $183 billion and what about Google? Only $66 billion.

Well thats not all. Samsung is 17% of South Korea’s entire GDP.

5. The Secret Behind All The Money


So the question must be asked, how do they make such a ridiculous ammounts of money to dwarf even Google? Well here is the secret. Samsung is actually made up with eighty different businesses and affiliates. These businesses are commertially and legally independent but unified up by sharing a single philosophy.

Here are some of them – under the caegory of engineering and construction, we have Samsung engineering and construction (the 13th largest company in the world), Samsung trading and investment, and Samsung Heavy Industries. Samsung Life Insurance is ranked 14th largest insurance company in the world. There is also a chemical branch – Samsung Petrochemicals, Samsung BP Chemicals. There are actually plenty of others as well. Samsung also has hotel, resort business and medical center, ina joint venture with Renault – the company also has been making carsfor 20 years. And the list goes on and on and on..

Bonus Content

What Else Are They Doing
Well you are in for a full treat. Samsung Techwin – the company also does surveillance, aeronautics, automations and weapons technology. Some of that weapons technology that Samsung has made includes a South Korean military robot, desined to replace human counterparts in the demilitarized zone at the South and North Korean border. That’s not all, Samsung has also made the ‘K9 THUNDER’ full fledged army tank. If that is not enough, Samsung also makes jet engines.

Samsung Heavy Industries has the most efficient shipbuilding center in the entire world. It is over 400 million square feet in size.

Samsung’s size is so ridiculous that there is even a Samssung Digital City. This city contains a few of the companies businesses. Samsung has their very own clothing line and a brand new research lab for drones, robotics, 3D printing and virtual reality. The cool thing about this lab is it actually going to be part of Samsung’s mobile division.

So now we know that Samsung does just more than TVs, frigdes and phones. They do pretty mush everything. It is said that every year Samsung donates $100 million to its non-profit medical center, which consists of several hospitals and medical research facilities. So in conclution it seems that Samsung is the kind of company that tries their hand at almost everything and chooses to obseeve and iterate untill they get better and eventually become the market leaders. So if you have a Samsung phone, the next time you look at it, it might just seem a little bit different now that you know the true size of the company that made…


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